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Signage 101: How to Choose the Right Sign or Awning for Your Business

Signs are a critical component of every business, and Metro Sign & Awning has the experience to help you select the most attractive, beneficial, cost-effective sign possible. Below we've listed some basic considerations as you begin to choose a sign. Browse our resource section for information that will help you decide what type of sign is appropriate for your company. If you'd prefer to have Metro help you create a custom sign right away, please contact us.

The Benefits of Different Types of Signs

As a business owner, you know a sign is much more than its looks. Your sign may need to conform to unusual zoning ordinances, or be tough enough to withstand an ice storm. If you’re on a busy street or in a historical district, you might require a sign that is very low-maintenance – work crews holding up traffic can reflect poorly on your business.

Signage professionals who have dealt with these challenges (and a hundred others) can help you get a sign that works for you and delivers the maximum ROI.  

How to Choose an Exterior Sign

Exterior signs tell the world that you're open for business. They also offer an almost dizzying array of choices. Metro Sign & Awning's experts can help you get exactly what you need.  

Details of Sign Permitting and Regulations 

Before you design a new sign, you've got to do your homework. In addition to reviewing current building and zoning ordinances, you must ensure your signs meet current ADA regulations - regulations which apply to both interior and exterior signage. More and more municipalities are adding environmentally-friendly stipulations to sign codes. Going awry of any of these mandates can mean expensive changes in design, or worse, legal or public relations concerns.

Interior Signs Serve a Wide Audience

Interior signs "speak" to a wide range of people and demand careful consideration. Do you need a sign to impress visitors in your lobby? Directional signage to help visitors reach their appointments? A message board that looks great, is low-maintenance, and easy to read? 

Look for sign specialists who understand the way your customers, employees, vendors and other partners will use interior signage. Experienced sign designers can make your signs work for you. Signage experts can create signs that make your work easier.

Commercial Awnings Can Create Business

Awnings are often said to give "character" to a building and their aesthetic appeal is certainly important. Sign designers understand they're also workhorses - in many cases, they so dramatically create or enhance a space that the awning actually allows you to improve service or add to your business. Drive-through window service is better when the transaction can be completed under a canopy on a rainy or very hot day, for example.

So while the design and structure of a fabric or vinyl awning makes it useful, like signs, awnings also must be attention-grabbing and advertise for your business while conforming to zoning ordinances. Signage experts can create awnings and canopies that work hard for you and look great to your customers. 

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