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Wall-Mounted, Projection/Blade and Specialty Wayfinding Signs

Wayfinding signage should always be useful, and never be boring.

For Wayfinding signage examples incorporating innovative sign designs, new materials and brilliant illumination techniques, check out this portfolio.

Exterior Specialty Wayfinding
Exterior Wayfinding HPL
XPlus - Interior
Theater Lobby ID
Illuminated Women's Room ID
Theater Lobby
Lobby - Women's Room Blade
Lobby - Men's
Lobby - Men's
Copley Interior Wayfinding
Johnson Elevator
BPL - Suspended Ring
Fox Run Mall
Lord Jeffrey Inn
Fox Run Mall
Office Directory
Mill St Residential, Arlington MA

Direct print


Tactile, pole-mounted

Wayfinding/Directional Sign

Wood laminate

Mill Street Residential, Arlington, MA
Sylvan Street Directory
Lord Jeffrey Inn, Amherst, MA
Wood Laminate Directory with 3 Changeable Panels
Wood Laminate Directory with 3 Changeable Panels
Permanent Room ID
The Victor Residential, Boston, MA
100 Ames Pond Road, Tewskbury, MA
Marston Medical, Tewksbury, MA