Woburn Pylon Project - New Faces, and Signs of the Past

 Multi-tenant retail and mixed-use properties present challenges for contractors, developers, and property managers - and all of those things can result in some complications when it comes to installing signs in a timely manner. The same can be said for updating or refurbishing existing signage at multi-tenant retail properties.

The previous sign at Washington Street Plaza in Woburn did not identify the property by name, and the tenants’ individual signs lacked uniformity. The updated design - essentially the same size and square footage as the older one - allows room to identify property’s name, Washington Street Plaza and is easier to read. It also meets the city’s current code for size and illumination.


Timing the installation of a sign in such a heavily-trafficked location is always a concern, not only for drivers and pedestrians, but also for crews who need to maintain a safe distance from a concentration of electrical lines.


While the sign was expected to be installed just after the holiday shopping season, Mother Nature added a little challenge. When plow crews cleared the parking lot after the ‘Bomb Cyclone’ dropped more than a foot of snow on Boston, they had to pile it somewhere...unfortunately meaning our installers couldn’t reach the sign (even with an 80’ crane) until the snow was at least partially cleared.

The good news is that we have the experience and equipment to install quickly - as soon as the snow is safely out of our way. And spring is coming. In the meantime, follow us on Facebook for updates.


UPDATE 1/25/18: See final install images here. Thanks to Kimco Realty for the opportunity to partner on this project!

Got Memories?

Our installers often make historical discoveries while on a job site. What they uncovered when working in Woburn will offer longtime residents a little trip down memory lane! Do you remember that sign and those businesses? Take a look at our Facebook page to see more updates and images from this and other recent sign projects and installations.


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