Sign Design, Planning, Codes and Variances - Multi-Color Illumination in Keene NH

Sign Says The Future Is Bright (and Colorful) in Keene, NH

Metro’s Keene NH team recently had a chance to work with a business owner to build and install a new sign that offers great flexibility for the future. The installation plan incorporated existing pylons, adding new covers to protect them and provide the look of an “all new” sign.

When designing the sign for Dr. Dexter’s Vision Center in Keene, the owner wanted to install color-changing LED lights inside of the eye so that he could change the color whenever he wanted to. But the City of Keene does not allow for this area of the sign to color change. Not without a variance, that is.

See how it works!

Creative Compromise, Practical Solution for the Future

The owner of the business is interested in pursuing this variance, but not at the moment.

The solution, after a little extra discussion, was to get clearance from the city to build the unit with the color-changing eye, with the owner submitting an official letter to the city stating that he understands he cannot make the sign change color without an approved variance first.

Metro’s design and fabrication team built the sign with an internal chamber that isolates the eye area from the rest of the sign, so that there is no bleeding of color around the eye.

Smart Installation Plan Reuses Signage Components, Saves Money

The wooden posts on the existing sign were 8” square, and they had developed a slight amount of twist develop over the life of the sign. (This is normal.)

Our designers recommended reusing valuable, still-useful components of the old sign to simplify the refurbishment and to save the customer some money. Using PVC post covers to both cover and protect the existing wooden posts provided a much more affordable option than completely replacing the old posts. Of course, the new post covers beautify the project, while providing a safe and unobtrusive path to fasten down electrical conduit coverings.

Wise Use of Business Signage Investment

Why bother making a sign that the business can’t fully use when it’s first installed? The owner had a very specific vision for how his sign should look, and he intended to work with the city to obtain the necessary variance to use the desired color-changing sign functionality at some point in the future.

Modifying the sign later to have that desired functionality would have cost two to four times more than the cost of building the feature into the sign in the first place. So, the owner requested that we build the unit with the capability of changing the color of the iris.

What kind of vision do you have for your next sign?

Whether it’s designing, fabricating and installing one sign for a small, single-location business or creating a complete signage package to enhance a corporate brand and identity, Metro Sign & Awning takes the same approach: Maintaining attention to detail without losing sight of the big picture, and focusing on deadlines while ensuring each sign provides the greatest (long term) return on investment. Work with our team to get the signs you need for today and for the future of your business.