Creative Car Graphics and Vehicle Marketing Ideas for Local Businesses

Realtors, local sales reps and small businesses can turn their cars and delivery vehicles into attention-grabbing mobile billboards with vehicle wraps, graphics or decals for memorable advertising and branding impressions in a local market territory A vehicle marketing strategy for your local business could be as simple as using inexpensive door magnets and decals, or as specialized and…

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Metro Sign and Awning's insight:

This article suggests using humor and catchy slogans on vehicle wraps. And while getting smiles out of prospects is good, when it comes to vehicle wraps, we advocate for eye-catching graphics and prominent websites and/or phone numbers. It's 2018 - your prospects are busier than ever, and you need to make the most of your advertising budget! Seeing your vehicle wrap should serve as a bold, memorable prompt to search for your company online.

Like all other signage, your message on a vehicle wrap needs to be as visually compelling and easy-to-remember as possible. 

While impressions are high with vehicle wraps, remember that other drivers usually have just a second or two to notice and register your message. (Of course, there is beauty in the relatively captive audience you'll have at stoplights!) When your vehicle is parked, a professionally designed and fabricated wrap may inspire a prospect to take a quick picture of the vehicle. 

In fact...we've known of some savvy business owners who encourage people to post photos of their vehicles on social media channels, tagging the ocmpany - who then shares the posts. Talk about getting a little extra mileage out of those advertising investments! 

Get it? A little extra mileage ... out of your vehicle wrap?   #punintended

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