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An explosion of technology innovation has fueled and supported creativity across many industries — and the signage industry is no exception. Companies — retailers, business owners, healthcare facilities, and other entire industries — have been forced to strategize ways to remain relevant and profitable during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

The signage industry has been right there offering unique solutions to help companies achieve their goals in part by upgrading, rebranding, or revamping their images.

 But what does that look like in 2021?

  • A return to minimalism
  • A focus on sustainability

Many construction companies have embraced Design-Build as a cost-effective collaborative approach for many projects. To ensure the process works as intended, contractors and project coordinators should work from a proactive — rather than reactive — approach. Also, companies considering using a Design-Build process should understand all the nuances inherent in this philosophy to avoid frustration and unintended negative consequences.

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In brick-and-mortar retail, everything that supports the store setup, from the point of sale display to staff — is designed to evoke emotions and make impressions. It’s no wonder, then, that the role of dynamic, digital signage has increased. These four case studies show how different retailers successfully incorporated digital signage to drive brand and sales: at point of sale, in pop-up stores, as a complement to online/ offline retail, and in the showroom.  

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Wide format printers offer plenty of flexibility in signage design because they’re equipped to print on a diverse range of specialty media. As long as media fits into the printer, the opportunities are limited only by the imagination and design requirements. Possible media for printing includes adhesive and banner vinyl, canvas, backlit display film, and window vinyl.

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 All businesses involved in service and repair should offer maintenance agreements. Well-designed agreements benefit everyone — customers and the company itself. Customers receive the preventive maintenance they need. The service agreement maintains warranties’ validity. Companies with solid service and maintenance agreements benefit from strengthened customer relationships.

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Now that it’s behind us, we can look back on 2020 and say, with no irony, that it was certainly a different kind of year. The COVID-19 pandemic brought much of the country to a screeching halt for a time, and many companies had to pause, reset, and rethink their processes. Like many businesses, the pandemic affected our work, too.

But clients still needed signs. Companies continued to rebrand. And through it all, we continued to reach out, build relationships with new clients, and create...

You need new signage for your business and made room in your budget for the project. Great! But… now what? It’s easy enough to type up and tape a sign on a door, or order a stopgap banner to hang, but that’s hardly professional or durable.

The Design Phase

So what now? Well, you’ve...

Many companies and brands rely on signage with channel letters to catch the attention of customers. This failsafe marketing method’s been used to display brand names or logos on building sides, in shopping malls, at trade shows, and more. But with the average American exposed to an estimated 4,000 to 10,000 advertisements daily, companies are looking at how to maximize their marketing against a whole lot of increased noise.


Large format 3D printing technology has added flexibility and freedom for design. Now signage manufacturers can produce cursive words, a complete logo — or just its graphic elements, and more. This technique is also faster than traditional methods, and because it reduces manual elements of the production process, production errors also decrease.

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Because of its versatility, laser cutting offers businesses — and signage manufactures — an opportunity to work with many materials for laser cut logos, signs, and other branding resources. Choosing the right material makes a difference. End use often dictates the best material choice, among which are acrylic, mirror acrylic, wood, and paper/ cardboard. 

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Banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions reap many benefits from effective signage. Well-designed and placed signs can:

  • Grow outreach
  • Promote financial products, services, and branch events
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