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A multi-million dollar renovation is underway in Hudson, Massachusetts. Developers are revitalizing the iconic Landing at Hudson Mills for contemporary use. When Mark Development and Manzo-Freeman Development began upgrading the treasured landmark with modern systems, utilities, and finishes, they knew they had to include signage to attract tenants. They called on Metro to build a welcoming focal point for clients and employees visiting the transformed space.  A Sign of the Times  We were excited to work with The Landing at Hudson Mills because the project was two-fold. They needed us to design and build an upscale and illuminated sign that had some historical elements. Our team worked closely with the owners to create a piece that could sit on their building with pride. They shared inspiration images of numerous signs and then we narrowed in on the design elements that were most appealing. What started out as a straight raceway ultimately evolved into a complex curved sign.  Once the client approved designs, we headed toward production and installation. We obtained the proper permits and then moved on to transforming the designs into a showpiece for the building.  Every project has its own unique opportunities to think outside the box. The...

3 Ways Digital Signage Can Improve Lines 

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While it can be good to have a line out the door of your business, customers don’t like standing in lines. Digital signs to the rescue! You can use signs to entertain customers, which makes their wait feel a bit shorter. You can also shorten the line by displaying answers to frequently asked questions, providing information that people would otherwise need to wait in line to get. This creates a more convenient (a.k.a. pleasant) environment while also keeping the line moving faster.

Article Excerpt:

Digital signage can help reduce the pain of standing in lines in multiple ways, whether it is by reducing the line's size in general or finding ways to keep audiences engaged while they wait.

Important Tips For Restaurant Signage

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Every industry has important standards of professional presentation—but when it comes to foodservice, customers are especially sensitive to things that look unappealing. That’s why outdated signs, signs that are in disrepair, and boring signs can crush a local restaurant’s prospects. By choosing typography, design, and materials wisely, restaurants can evoke an atmosphere and personality with their exterior signage alone. Get more specific details and examples at the link!

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Almost every brick-and-mortar business needs good signage. For many companies in a variety of industries, the design above the door plays a major role in encouraging potential customers to step inside.

Intuitive Wayfinding Design Unveiled at Children’s Hospital

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The Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center (CCHMC) has grown a lot in recent years. While this was a good thing, the wayfinding signage for the hospital’s main concourse hadn’t been designed for this scale. As a result, 3,000 outpatients and their families arriving daily ended up in a stressful situation, struggling to find their way among a patchwork of mismatched designs. So, CCHMC leadership approved a makeover of the hospital’s wayfinding signs, art, graphics, and positive distractions. The results, recently unveiled, are excellent.

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Browning says one of the most compelling aspects of the project was recognizing that the previous concourse was adding stress to users’ experiences. “We definitely improved the intuitiveness and added a calming sense,” he says. Furthermore, he says the project’s architectural language will be used when the main concourse is extended to connect to the new critical care building. In fact, designers have already started developing the addition’s wayfinding cues, starting with its animal character: a giraffe.

5 Business Benefits of Custom Interior Signs

interior signage recipe
When opening and running a business, one of the biggest mistakes people make is neglecting their interior signs. Avoid doing yourself this disservice: learn exactly how big a difference interior signs can make for your customers, visitors—and your bottom line. Why Interior Signs? You’ve realized already that most of your customers need some kind of outdoor sign to find your business. But, once customers or visitors have walked through your doors, interior signs take over. Serving as a kind of silent salesperson, guide, and reputation booster, the interior signs help you lead your visitors once they have gathered inside your...

Say No to these 4 Digital Signage Myths

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Did you know businesses lose money every day because of digital signage myths? It’s true. One myth is that installing it and programming it will be too complicated or costly. In fact, both of those things are easy to do— especially programming. Signs are intended for business owners who want to “set it and forget it.” Another myth is that the technology isn’t mature enough for the signs to be economical, in terms of power use. The truth is that the LED backlighting used for most digital signs consumes very little power. Check out the link to learn more.

Article Excerpt:

Digital signage is not technology of the future, but is very much the technology of today. However, many people still believe myths about the technology. It's time to debunk these tall tales.

The Benefits of a Complete Design-Build Signage Process

Design-Build Signage Process
In a design-build project, a single team completes the project; from design to fabrication to installation. A completed design-build team has major benefits. With a non-design/build approach, the client first works with a designer or architect, then sends the design to a separate fabricator. This relationship doesn’t always work in the client’s best interest, because neither entity is 100% responsible. This often results in needless delays and can result in errors. Design-build solves this problem, which is why we offer it. Here are the benefits clients see as a result: Lower Total Cost and More Accurate Budgeting With a design-build...

Teamwork’s on the Menu

Have you ever watched the credits roll after a movie? When you realize how many collaborators are involved, it’s no surprise that many great movies exceed their budget exponentially. That’s why we’re proud of an unexpectedly collaborative project that we recently completed without disrupting the schedule. The Project When Roche Brothers approached us to work on one of their locations, we were honored and excited to be sought out by a family-owned Massachusetts company that we all know and love. They asked us to co-design, build, and install clean looking, durable interior and exterior signage, and approximately 1,000 square feet...

Signs of Sophistication

When clients or investors walk into your corporate office space, are they getting the right first impression? Researchers have found that an office’s interior environment can create lasting beliefs about a company’s culture, including how considerate the staff is and how much control the leaders have over what happens at the office. That’s why we’ve cultivated expertise in a wide range of higher-end interior environmental graphics packages. Here are a few examples from our portfolio. Floating Illuminated Logos Hudl is a tech company that provides tools for professional athletes and coaches to review and analyze footage of their games. They...

This is What an Immersive Environment Looks Like

Have you ever walked into a space and been surrounded by bold, larger-than-life graphics on the walls, floors, ceilings, and even columns? For example, you might have seen a restaurant’s tantalizing morsels emblazoned on the wall, making you even hungrier before you’ve ordered. Alternatively, perhaps you’ve seen a colorful, digitally printed mural that made you pause and take in the sights while walking through a retail store, office, or transit space. You’ve probably also seen a floor-to-ceiling sign that made it effortless for you to navigate an unfamiliar building. In all these cases, what you were experiencing is called “environmental...

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