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No one likes to get lost! And one of the best ways an institution can help people find their way or get important information quickly and clearly is to employ signage. In fact, signage offers a good tool for higher education settings.

Freestanding signs with electronic message center displays (EMC) distribute daily and emergency information efficiently, and wayfinding signs help people navigate campus more easily. Interior signs can reinforce learning by supporting multimedia for lectures or enhance the interdepartmental recognition of student accomplishments by enabling departments to promote their students’ successes. And consistent signage supports both an institution’s branding and elevates its school spirit.

Metro Sign has worked with a variety of colleges and universities right here in the heart of higher education, including Suffolk...

One of the colleges with whom Metro Sign has worked is Fitchburg State — a client for over three years. Some of the college’s first projects included adding need-based interior photopolymer Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) signs. This initial opportunity led to additional signage projects including wayfinding, monument signs, directories, building identification, and award displays.

One important...

While Fitchburg State needed updated signs that complied with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations and a visually appealing way to celebrate its 125th anniversary, the University of Massachusetts Boston needed interior signage and more as part of its Renovations to Existing...

Suffolk University might also share UMass Boston’s philosophy: Go big, or go home. Although Suffolk wasn’t working on a Renovations to Existing Academic Buildings (REAB) project when they called Metro Sign, they did have an unusual project in mind. Among its requirements for new architectural signage, the university wanted to add a 21 panel, 20-foot...

Some partnerships are made to last — and such is the case with the relationship between Metro and Salem State University, a client since 2003. Over the years, we’ve updated or added just about all the college’s campus and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) signage. From monument signs and flag banners to wayfinding signs, building identification, directory signs, and pretty much everything in between,...

Mixed use developments are designed to incorporate and complement various types of real estate together. Learn more about their benefits.

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Mixed-use developments combine residential and non-residential buildings — ranging from single buildings to entire neighborhoods — planned and developed within a municipality and/or state and city. They generally have more amenities with less risk because they have such a variety of tenants (commercial and residential). Mixed-use developments are also more environmentally friendly because they offer increased walkability. These buildings can also provide and promote economic growth and have a wide variety of signage needs.

A good sign gets people to change their behavior—and it's not always pretty.

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In a post-COVID world, signage isn’t about just what you say but how it’s said. Chunking information in small pieces and designing for “fast thinking” is more effective in reminding people to wash hands, maintain social distancing, and more. As companies and businesses begin to reopen with new precautions in place, it’s important to remember that the new sign reminders aren’t about branding — their objective is to change behavior. Good warning signs must be visible, direct, clear, and unambiguous. Explore Metro’s catalog of ready-to-go and customizable COVID-19 Workplace Safety signage.

When it comes to your business, branding is a big deal. After all, that's the primary way that your business gets its name and ideas out to the public, and as such you need to make it one of your company's highest priorities. As the owner, you may have used some modern branding, such as using social media sites or building your own...

Signage and wayfinding graphics can introduce healthy practices and help people feel at ease in this time of uncertainty.

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As businesses across America are beginning to reopen, business owners need to be careful to ensure safety measures are in place for their employees and customers throughout their space. Implementing signage such as floor graphics to show directional arrows or to mark a six-foot distance, digital signage that encourages touchless interaction and wayfinding signs, helps consumers and employees feel safer in the space they’re in and encourages a healthier environment.


For some time now, digital signage has been reinventing the customer experience, impacting marketing strategies like never before and helping boost sales and supplement a company’s revenues in creative and imaginative ways. From vibrant displays that quickly catch the eye and draw in consumers more effectively than static signage to transforming long queues into infotainment

Source: marketscale.com

Digital signage has proven itself to be essential during the Coronavirus. They are being used to display important warnings and safety information to the public, as interactive wayfinding displays to help guide visitors and lessen interaction between people and as line management tools inside businesses. As the future continues, the industry is expecting digital signage to be used even more as the need for tools like capacity management and touchless kiosks grows.

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