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Signage offers a visual and branding advertising strategy with tremendous power. Essential for building brand visibility and increasing awareness, well-designed and thoughtfully placed signage can last decades and will attract thousands of customers to a brand over time.

The Cohoes sign combines face lit and halo lit with marquee lights.

Exterior signs stay evergreen, delivering continuous, repeated impressions to help reach business goals by:

Every now and then, you'll see a sign that makes you go, "Hmmm." Sometimes that reaction is caused by a funny message — or a typo. We collect and save sign images that make us chuckle. Here are some of our favorites.

Winners of the "Stating the Obvious" Award

While we don’t have a handy Magic 8 ball able to reliably predict the future, it hasn’t stopped us from making some educated guesses about next year’s signage industry trends. They include:

  • Minimalism in design. We’ll continue to see signs focused on clean, crisp...

All four sectors of the sign and graphics industry are expected to rebound next year. The report, which assesses printing and electrical/digital signage supplier markets and electric/digital signage and architectural signage end markets, anticipates steel prices declining and the consumer price index inflation to shrink to 2.4% in 2022. Strong demand and pandemic recovery should drive industrial production next year, although if supply chain issues and rising material costs continue, growth may take longer.

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Many organizations post signage to warn others of hazards. But poorly-worded, unclear, or badly-located signs defeat the purpose. Some signs communicate distinct information, with the Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHA) requiring specific signs like danger, warning, caution, and notice signs. This article offers insight into how you can use signs to change behavior, communicate appropriate messaging, and place them properly to have the greatest effect.

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With vaccines readily available and the post-COVID landscape evolving, businesses will continue examining and creating policies to ensure the safety of their employees returning to in-person work — and the safety of customers and visitors, too. 

In many cases, companies have also recognized the value of offering their employees a hybrid approach: working part-time virtually and part-time in person. This strategy makes...

An Institute for Supply Management (ISM) survey found the manufacturing index increased to 61.2 in May 2021. Anything over 50 indicates expansion within the manufacturing sector — which accounts for 11.9% of the U.S. economy. The manufacturing sector is slowly regaining speed.

Other manufacturing industries reporting growth include appliances and components, computer and electronic products, electrical equipment, furniture, machinery, and transportation equipment. Fabricated metal product manufacturers expect supply chain issues to remain tight until Q4 of this year, or perhaps 2022. Learn more about the ISM survey results.

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Sign of the Times, a well-known publication specializing in comprehensive sign-industry news, technical information, and in-depth analysis, featured Metro in its July 2021 issue. The article, “Catch the Wave” highlights Metro’s work with faux-neon LED signage and features a sign Metro designed, manufactured, and installed for the Ryder apartment complex in Revere Beach, MA. 

LED sign design involves several logistical considerations including fit, turning radius, and long runs. Learn more about how Metro created this fun sign to light up the beachside apartment complex.

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One of the easiest ways to get recognition is to put up a sign. We’ve all seen those iconic signs that garner instant attention: The Citgo Sign in Kenmore Square, Cask ‘n Flagon next to Fenway, McDonalds’ golden arches. Target’s bullseye.

A quick glance at these signs tells us immediately what store we’ve found. But these globally recognized icons—like any sign, really—needed serious planning and strategy to...

Since the beginning of hunting and gathering, people have relied on signs for information. Very early sign markers, often just a pile of stones, helped guide people traveling through the wilderness to find game or communities.

The Scots used rock cairns—Gaelic for “heap of stones”—as signposts to mark trails across the grassy moors. People living in Mongolia and the Andes...

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