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Looking for an effective, cost-effective way to advertise your restaurant? Maybe it’s time to update your signage, especially if your brand sits in a high traffic area. Restaurants can use outdoor signage to create a strong impact, and this article offers tips on how to stay visible, best practices for displaying text, savvy solutions to promote your brand, and even justification for posting an (updated) outdoor menu.

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Attendees might not even notice effective signage at a conference. But you can bet that a lack of clear, concise signage will generate complaints and grumpy people unable to navigate the event.There are a few essential signs important for every event to include—wayfinding to restrooms and conference rooms, charging stations, will call/ ticket pickup and registration, entrance/exit and welcome signs, for example. But you don’t have to stop there. This article offers 20 clever, creative signage ideas designed to improve and enhance visitors’ experiences.

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Here at Metro, we’ve developed a reputation for overcoming challenges. In 2020, the pandemic required us to rethink our approach to projects and conduct much of our collaboration in a remote environment. Government buildings closed for weeks, which presented another challenge for obtaining signage permits and staying on deadline with project installations. Clients saw initial project budgets shrink, so our team worked with them to devise alternative signage...

One of the most important skills needed to thrive in the 21st century is the ability to build and cultivate strong partnerships. Today’s leaders value and can create both internal and external communication. Today’s currency is trust — and trust leads to stronger partnerships. Building a thriving, connected network requires connections, conversations, and co-creation.

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Design-build construction accounts for about 40% of nonresidential construction. This popular approach offers many benefits, the greatest of which is creating a team that includes design and construction functions collaborating as a single contractual entity for the owner.

Good design-build delivery methods work because they offer teamwork, total accountability, continuity, expertise, professional guides, owner involvement, and time and cost savings.

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Different types of plastics trends can influence what material makes sense to use for signage construction. Various plastics options — including acrylic, impact-modified acrylic (IMA), and polycarbonate — share properties but have key differences.

A sign’s location should also influence material choice, because not all materials react the same to weathering. Signage manufacturers should take into consideration sign style...

Neon lights evoke a certain nostalgia. This long-lived lighting, while not as efficient as LED neon lights, is durable and long-lived, often lasting for 50 years or more. The technology behind neon is over 100 years old. Its invention predates the battery, phonograph & other simpler technology.

Still a favorite of interior architects because of its uniqueness as an American experience especially in the post-WWII era, the neon...

For more than 100 years, neon signs have blazed brightly, humming faintly as their curved and bent tubes illuminate the night. From New York’s Times Square and Miami’s Ocean Drive, to Las Vegas’s strip and Tokyo’s Shinjuku, neon light signs advertise products, companies, and so much more.

An Evolution in Technology

Neon’s lo-fi tech made it attractive to even...

People should feel connected to the places where they live. Branding can both inspire connection, attract attention of potential tenants, and inspire current tenants to remain. Establishing brand recognition within an apartment community isn’t just possible, it’s necessary.

More than 75% of consumers choose a brand based on its name, so it makes good sense to understand your brand image — or personality — when you create its identity. This article includes a series of questions to help you define that identity.

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