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Choosing a Sign Company in Boston MA

Are you looking for a sign company or do you want a partner who can handle all of your signage needs? Metro Sign & Awning has won over many customers in the Boston MA area because Metro handles every type of sign – interior, exterior, digital and even vehicle wraps – with the same outstanding professional service and results.

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What to Consider When Choosing a Sign Company in Boston MA

You can argue that there are a lot of companies that make signs in Boston MA and surrounding communities, but none offer the combination of service, business know-how, and quality manufacturing techniques that customers of Metro Sign & Awning enjoy.

Sign Company Boston, quality manufacturing, custom design, project management

Metro Sign & Awning offers

  • Award-winning sign design
  • Unparalleled customer service
  • An unmatched 5-year warranty with change protection

Metro understands some things about signage in the greater Boston area better than many regional sign companies and better than national companies. Like how to navigate the often sticky building and zoning board approval process, addressing municipality concerns about historic preservation, environmental impact, light pollution and traffic considerations.How to Measure the ROI of LEDs

Recognized for Excellent Signage in Boston MA and Beyond

In addition to winning awards (twice!) for sign design from Sign & Digital Graphics Magazine, Metro Sign & Awning has also been recognized by the US Sign Council. And while such national recognition is flattering, as is being active in the International Sign Association, the Boston-area company is just as dedicated to and supportive of the Massachusetts Sign Association.

Some of the most iconic signs in the greater Boston area were made by Metro Sign & Awning – a point of pride for us, and a rousing endorsement from our customers. Take a look at some of the signs we’ve made and installed in and around Boston MA and then contact us for a quote.

At Metro Sign & Awning, we know we rarely offer the lowest price on signs, but we also know we offer the greatest value on quality signage. When you look at the total cost of ownership of a sign – from design and installation to ongoing maintenance (even “little” things like bulb replacements for lighted signs) you’ll see Metro’s signs typically offer the best return on investment – not to mention the best –looking signs, and the least amount of hassle for you and your business. Give us a call today at  978-851-2424.

Expert Sign Company in Boston, MA

For businesses that need all-inclusive packages, we offer a full suite of services to suit your individualized needs. We offer each client the expertise in several areas including design, project management, installation and can aid in navigating the complex waters of permits and zoning board approvals.

From small businesses to large corporations and franchises, our wealth of knowledge and know-how about strategic placement, quality materials, design elements and more will ensure that your commercial sign highlights the professionalism of your business and all at an affordable cost.

We’re the Boston Sign Company with the Longest Warranties

Metro Sign & Awning knows a commercial sign or awning is an important, multi-year investment in your Boston MA business. We also know design, materials and craftsmanship determine noticeablity, durability, operating cost and your ultimate return on investment..

Our New England factory is obsessed with quality and service. This is why we can offer our 3 year Gold warranty, standard on all our signs and awnings. (That’s triple what our competitors offer!)

While a 3-year Gold Warranty is standard, many Metro Sign customers choose to get our 5-Year Platinum Warranty package, eliminating headaches related to budgeting, planning, and scheduling. A 5-Year Platinum Warranty package provides:

  • Expense Protection: Don’t spend another penny on your sign for the next 5 years! Every part of the sign is covered, including consumables like bulbs (even if a crane is needed to change one).
  • Change Protection: things happen, strategies change, and competitors emerge. If you choose to change your sign over the 5 years, a pro-rated portion of your original investment is applied to your new business sign or awning.

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