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Business Awnings, Boston, MA

Boston MA Businesses Extend Hours, Services with Awnings

Throughout the Boston MA area, myriad businesses rely on awnings to attract new customers and to keep those customers happy.

Much like other exterior signs, high-quality, custom awnings and canopies can light up, advertise your business, remind passers-by of your services and encourage repeat visits. Many savvy business owners also use awnings to expand their service offerings, for example:

  • Restaurants can add comfortable, elegant outdoor dining options by having a Sunbrella awning or other custom awning or canopy created to alleviate cramped dining room seating conditions indoors.
  • Drive-through windows with sturdy canopies will entice customers to place an order even on rainy or snowy days – meaning more business for you!
  • Lighted awnings can advertise your business 24/7 and help you stand out on a crowded street

Boston MA Businesses, custom design

Design Considerations for Awnings Installed in Boston, MA

While most business and property owners think of canopies and awnings first in terms of their visual appeal and functionality, they rely on awning designers and manufacturers to consider the structure, sturdiness, and safety of the awning. The only way to ensure your awning is safe and effective – and that it offers a reasonable return on your investment – is to work with signage professionals.

Metro Sign & Awning serves businesses in the Boston metro area, providing award-winning sign designs and offering revolutionary warranties. But what’s just as important to our customers is an unfailingly professional attention to detail.

  • Our sign and awning customers appreciate knowing:
  • We can handle the sign permitting process and navigate the often complex labyrinth of zoning, building, and safety codes to save our customers time and headaches.
  • We design with longevity and efficiency in mind – meaning we can save our customers money by refurbishing existing signs and choosing the most reliable, energy efficient lighting options for their exterior signs, and
  • Our warranties are unique in the industry; for example, our 5-year bumper-to-bumper warranty offers change protection – meaning if you decide to change your sign, Metro will apply a pro-rated portion of your initial investment into the redesign of your sign or awning.

An Awning’s Good Looks are Important, Too!

One of the reasons Metro Sign and Awning’s Boston MA customers keep coming back for their new signs: we make it easy to look good. Metro’s proven design process and insistence on using only the best quality materials means the custom awnings, canopies, and other exterior signs we make simply look great.

Our attention to detail starts with our first contact with your business. Our project managers work with you every step of the way to ensure your sign is just what you need, that’s it’s ready on time, and that from design to permitting to installation, you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Take a look at some of the awnings we’ve created for customers, or see what they say about our work. Then contact us to create your next sign. You’ll be glad you did – we guarantee it.

Expert Services for Your Business Awnings in Boston, MA

For businesses that need all-inclusive packages, we offer a full suite of services to suit your individualized needs. We offer each client the expertise in several areas including design, project management, installation and can aid in navigating the complex waters of permits and zoning board approvals.

From small businesses to large corporations and franchises, our wealth of knowledge and know-how about strategic placement, quality materials, design elements and more will ensure that your commercial sign highlights the professionalism of your business and all at an affordable cost.

We’re the Boston Business Awning Company with the Longest Warranties

Metro Sign & Awning knows a commercial sign or awning is an important, multi-year investment in your Boston MA business. We also know design, materials and craftsmanship determine noticeablity, durability, operating cost and your ultimate return on investment..

Our New England factory is obsessed with quality and service. This is why we can offer our 3 year Gold warranty, standard on all our signs and awnings. (That’s triple what our competitors offer!)

While a 3-year Gold Warranty is standard, many Metro Sign customers choose to get our 5-Year Platinum Warranty package, eliminating headaches related to budgeting, planning, and scheduling. A 5-Year Platinum Warranty package provides:

  • Expense Protection: Don’t spend another penny on your sign for the next 5 years! Every part of the sign is covered, including consumables like bulbs (even if a crane is needed to change one).
  • Change Protection: things happen, strategies change, and competitors emerge. If you choose to change your sign over the 5 years, a pro-rated portion of your original investment is applied to your new business sign or awning.

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