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Repair and Maintenance

Repair and Maintenance

Protect Your Investment — and Your Image

Signage influences people’s first impression of your company and brand, so it’s critical not to overlook the importance of sign repair and regular maintenance.

Outdoor signage requires a significant investment. Because these signs provide a vital business asset, your annual operations budget should include funds for their maintenance and upkeep. Old worn out signs with randomly unlit bulbs won’t impress anyone!

Time to Refresh Your Sign?

Storm damage, vandalism, ultraviolet light color fading, and weathering caused by extreme temperature fluctuations can all age exterior signs. Interior signage also benefits from regular maintenance, whether it’s replacing burnt out lights, reattaching signs that have pulled away from the wall, touching up paint, or cleaning out cobwebs.

Regularly scheduled maintenance will protect the value of your investment. Metro Sign offers annual checkups for exterior signs that include:

  • Cleaning sign faces, cabinets, post cladding awnings
  • Checking that all hardware remains secure and in place
  • Touching up paint or lettering
  • Repairing chips and cracks
  • Removing bird’s nests and debris
  • Treating rust
  • Replacing or redirecting bulbs
  • Neon repair
  • LED conversions and repair
  • Digital sign repair and replacement
  • Pylon/ free standing sign repair
  • Awning repair

How Do You Know It’s Time to Call Us?

If you don’t have annual maintenance on your facilities management “to do” list, here are a few common conditions that require professional attention:

  • Improper lighting
  • Fading or peeling faces
  • Outdated information (hours, web address, phone number updates)
  • Rusted hardware or peeling posts
  • Basic electrical troubleshooting

Proactively Protect Your Business Sign

You can also take steps to protect your signage, too. Contact Metro Sign to schedule annual or semi-annual inspections, cleaning, and minor repairs. Make sure the area around your sign’s foundation has proper drainage. Standing water can cause puddling and rust — and weaken the foundation itself. Depending on your sign’s height and location, you can change burned out lights, too.

Metro’s Commitment to Sign Maintenance and Repair

We follow up quickly with professional attention when you reach out via email or a phone call. We’re fanatical about keeping our appointments, too. When you need a quote for repair or maintenance, our team will have a quote to you within five business days. We can address emergencies even faster — just let us know.

Our Competitive Advantage

Every signage purchase includes a three-year warranty. This warranty protects your investment by covering all sign or awning materials excluding consumables like light bulbs. If you’d like additional protection, we also offer a five-year platinum warranty, which includes everything covered by the three-year plan plus change protection. If you update your sign or awning within five years, we’ll apply a prorated portion of your original investment to the new signage or awning.

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