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Building Signs


Building Signs Grow Brand and Revenue 

Perhaps to some people, a sign is just a sign. But each of today’s building signage options serves a different purpose and enables companies, businesses, schools, restaurants, retailers, and many more industries the ability to distinguish themselves and stand out.

Building signs are critical to a business’s success. Companies can use this versatile signage to promote their brand or sales, celebrate employees or awards, convey information to the community, or announce important messages — and much more!

Today’s sign types include: 

This wide variety of building signs — manufactured from materials that include metal, wood, glass, acrylic, PVC, and high-density urethane — ensures a positive, long lasting first impression.

Importance of Building Signs

These versatile tools serve a myriad of purposes. In addition to enhancing communication, they also:

  • Provide a competitive advantage: In fact, building signs may be the differentiator between customers choosing your business versus going to a competitor.
  • Offer a higher Return on Investment (ROI): Signage provides non-stop, 24/7 cost-effective marketing. Spread over the sign’s life, a building sign delivers a lower cost per thousand (CPM) exposure than any other form of advertising. Our ROI Calculator can help you estimate that return.
  • Increase sales opportunities: The U.S. Small Business Administration estimates that 20 – 45% of business sales come from impulse sales; the right signs in the right locations lead to more sales.
  • Build brand awareness: Well-designed signs bring greater brand recognition and facilitate the brand’s ability to affect perceptions and attitudes.
  • Promote long-term advertising: Permanent signs remind people you exist and what you offer. Signs that hang outside create a positive feeling of familiarity and reach people where they are at the moment.

The Metro Process

Imagine having the ability to enable customers to connect with your brand even before they enter your business. The Metro Sign team offers innovative design ideas that maximize the visibility and effectiveness of the signs they create. We’re committed to working with you to stay in budget, and we offer a 3-year Gold warranty on all signs (and awnings, too). We use high quality materials and pride ourselves on our workmanship, efficiency, and professionalism. 

Identifying Your Needs

We’ve got a checklist we use to help our clients determine the best sign for their needs, because there’s a lot to consider when designing and installing building signage:

  • The company or business branding and target audience
  • The location
  • Architectural elements
  • Wall surfaces
  • Materials 
  • Maintenance requirements
  • Landlord approval
  • Local zoning ordinances and sign laws within the municipality

We also consider other elements like how the year-round seasons will affect your installation area. For example, if we start a project in the winter and notice a bare tree near the sign’s new location, we’ll verify that the tree’s spring blooms won’t block the sign.

When you work with us, we’ll talk about design first. Our in-house graphics studio will use your specs to create a sign concept. Next, we’ll verify the requirements for permits and obtain them, and then our in-house fabrication team headquartered in Tewksbury, MA, will use state-of-the-art equipment to manufacture your sign(s).

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