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The Best Custom Signs & Awnings for Your New England Business

Highest Quality Signs and Awnings

Metro Sign & Awning knows a commercial sign, awning or canopy is an important, multi-year investment in your New England business: whether it's outdoor, indoor or on the door. We also know craftsmanship, design (box, illuminated, pylon) and materials (wood, LED) determine noticeablity, durability, operating cost and your ultimate return on investment..

Our New England factory is obsessed with quality and service. This is why we can offer our 3 year Gold warranty, standard on all our signs and awnings. (That's triple what our competitors offer!)

Peace of Mind for 5 Years

While a 3-year Gold Warranty is standard, many Metro Sign customers choose to get our 5-Year Platinum Warranty package, eliminating headaches related to budgeting, planning, and scheduling. A 5-Year Platinum Warranty package provides -

  • Expense Protection: Don't spend another penny on your sign for the next 5 years! Every part of the sign is covered, including consumables like bulbs (even if a crane is needed to change one). 
  • Change Protection: things happen, strategies change, and competitors emerge. If you choose to change your sign over the 5 years, a pro-rated portion of your original investment is applied to your new business sign or awning.

Speedy Professionalism

We understand that time is money and you need a sign, often quickly. When you contact us, you will receive quick, professional attention. At Metro, that means:

  • your call will be answered by a human,
  • we'll show up when we say we will,
  • we'll expertly help you through the thicket of local laws, 
  • you'll have a project manager serving as a single point of contact, and
  • you benefit from our experience in delivering quick turnaround on quotes, sign and awning designs & installations.

You Won't Pay More

High quality materials and workmanship and speedy professionalism are in our DNA; we can't imagine doing it any other way. But we didn't become one of the fastest growing manufacturers in America by charging extra for things every customer should have. This explains why you'll find we're generally less expensive than our major competitors. 

When you work with Metro Sign & Awning you'll find your ongoing costs are lower and easier to manage, thanks to our quality work, warranties and change protection policies.

We Know How to Partner

If you're an architect, general contractor, property manager or other New England firm looking for a long-term, signage company to partner with, we're it.

We understand that commercial partners and business owners have different needs. We have the design, installation and service expertise to satisfy all of our our clients' requirements. Don't just take our word for it; see what they have to say.

Our Portfolio

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