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Signage Installation

Signage Installation

You Can Rely on Our Professional Teams

Metro Sign understands that commercial partners and business owners have different needs. We excel at installing signs because we have the expertise to satisfy all client requirements – including challenging installations. 

Our experience ensures that we’ll handle your project efficiently from conceptualization and design through fabrication, permitting, engineering, and installation to ensure it meets municipality standards. Our teams install signs securely because we prepare ahead of time for any potential challenges.

Because we also apply a design-build model, we’re prepared to work with your design firms, architects, project managers, general contractors, and anyone else on your team right from the beginning. We can take your conceptual ideas and create beautifully branded signage through a collaborative process. Our agile approach facilitates flexibility and adaptability while reducing or eliminating possible cost overruns when project specs change.

We’ve Got Your Installation Covered

Proper location, position, and sign erection is important. Incorrect installations can compromise a sign’s effectiveness. Our team of experienced project managers oversees the entire sign installation process. 


Where and how a sign is mounted impacts how people perceive that sign. The materials and design of mounts — like posts or poles — will enhance a sign’s legacy and longevity. 

The Metro Sign team includes installers with the expertise and experience to lend their insight on what type of mounting surfaces work best for each sign design.


A comprehensive installation also takes into consideration the environment. Metro’s installation team uses a holistic approach by looking at not only the sign design itself but also its intended location. We look at climate factors like extreme temperatures and moisture levels — like whether an area is very dry or tends toward wetter weather. We also evaluate and recommend the best lighting and mounting systems to use based on our analysis of the environment in which the signage will live. 

Reliable, Managed Sign Installation

Our signage installation services include full turnkey project management. In the project’s initial stages, we guide and advise on where to install signs for the most effective impact. 

We’ll address challenges during the technical site survey conducted prior to releasing the job to production. But sometimes we encounter unforeseen circumstances — like pipes or electrical wiring issues behind a wall — that the site survey didn’t uncover. In those cases, we work with our clients or their subcontractors to develop a plan that resolves the issues.

Our professional, certified, and insured technicians work alongside our clients’ general contractors, electricians, masons, site excavators, and landscapers. Certifications that all our technicians earn include OSHA 10, OSHA 30, aerial lift, crane hoisting, and hot work safe practices. 

We conduct the site surveys and determine what’s needed to prepare the site for installation, like site cleanup or the removal/disposal of previous signage. We also coordinate the sign shipment, when necessary, and conduct a post-installation quality check.

Metro’s sign installations can include:

  • Wall mounts on storefronts, parapets or roof mounts
  • Under canopy
  • Freestanding
  • Illuminated signs with secondary wiring
  • Excavation, foundations and footers, postholes, or elevated work with aerial equipment

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