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Awnings and Canopies


Awnings and Canopies for Your Business

You may not think of them as signage, but awnings and canopies – with or without identifying graphics – are another useful and cost-effective way to call attention to your business. Cleverly designed and well-positioned, they can help communicate with your patrons and further establish your brand.

They also have some added benefits: providing extra convenience, comfort, or accessibility to your place of business.

Among the many reasons we use awnings and canopies to do so much good for our clients:

They provide extra insulation: well-designed, high-quality awnings and canopies limit heat gain and loss from glass and otherwise uninsulated areas

They create a prominent sign: an entry awning, canopy, or enclosed area at key traffic and high visibility locations proclaims your business to the world vividly, dramatically, and memorably.

They deliver added space that’s useful during inclement weather: awnings and canopies offering opportunities to increase revenue from what might otherwise be unusable space. We have worked with many hotel and restaurant owners to create semi-temporary enclosures that add a degree of weather-proofing to their outdoor areas.

They appeal to your customers: despite wind, heat or cold, rain or snow, awnings and canopies help make your customers more comfortable and say “welcome” in a practical, appealing way.

They add a pop of color: awnings can bring a pop of color or design to bring new life to an otherwise older, dated or nondescript building façade.

Make More Favorable Impressions On Your Prospects and Customers

Gone are the days when fabric enclosures screamed “temporary,” “flimsy,” or “low-class.” Today, modern fabrics and bold designs allow awnings, canopies, and other fabric enclosures to contribute to the favorable impression your business makes.

We’re not saying the awnings are the perfect solution for every client’s every need. But we are saying that awnings, canopies and other fabric enclosures can and should be among the options you consider when you assess your business’s challenges and may well be among the best available solutions to meet your needs.

Awnings and Canopies Can Serve Many Purposes

Awning shapes can range from traditional “shed” and “waterfall” to more artistic “concave”, “elongated dome,” and even “gable” designs. Canopies and tents can be traditional in design, or more elaborate cantilevers, multigon, sail, and other fanciful shapes to suit any purpose and design plan.

Whatever the shape, we often frame our awning and enclosure designs with 1″ square galvanized rust-resistant steel tubing, or primed and painted aluminum tubing, which allows us to match the framing to a building’s trim.

Graphics can convey a name, emphasize a brand, attract the eye, or tell a story. We’ve designed awnings and canopies for every kind of use, from additional restaurant seating, to party areas with dance floors, to comfort-enhancing shelters for pick up and drop off areas around entrances.

Most Popular Awning Materials

One reason modern awnings, canopies, and enclosures look so good and make such great economic sense is that modern materials are attractive, durable, and perform so much better than old-style canvas or thin plastic. Although there are many coverage solutions, our most popular products are:

100% Acrylic fabrics – The most commonly used, these fabrics are recognized for vast color options and their attractive, upscale and high quality look. They include brands such as Sunbrella and Sattler.

Non-illuminated Vinyl fabrics – Include brands such as Weblon, Coastline & Weathertyte and offer three material lines (good, better, and best). Weatheartyte is an effective, durable material we also use for enclosures.

Polyester fabric –For non-illuminated awnings that need to meet fire codes, we often use Firesist, a solution-dyed polyester fabric that offers top flame retardant performance and UV resistance. For back-lighting without graphics, we often use Cool Glo, which is resistant to ultraviolet light, mildew, rot and water and has strong resilience to fade, weather, scuff and abrasion.

Coated PVC – The most recognized brand that we work with is Cooley-Brite, a backlit sign and awning material which allows for maximum light diffusion, consistent translucency, and eradicable colors in backlit signs and awnings. It has meets fire-resistant standards and offers excellent color protection, durability, and long life.

Standing seam – A coated/painted steel is used for a durable, long-term coverage solution.

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