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An Experienced Partner for Architects, General Contractors, Developers and Property Managers

If you’re an architectgeneral contractordeveloper, property manager or other firm looking for a long-term, signage company to partner with, please consider Metro Sign & Awning. We understand the complexities of working with partners and their clients and are adept at working what is often a minefield for less experienced firms. Put simply, we know that clients and partners value different things. Learn more:

What’s Important to Your Clients

  • Quality
  • Durability
  • Operating cost
  • Return on investment

What we offer them

All of our signs and awnings come with a 3 year Gold Warranty. That’s triple the industry standard, 1 year warranty!

If your clients upgrade to a 5 Year Platinum Warranty, they’ll also enjoy expense and change protection that’s unique in the industry.

  • Expense Protection: they won’t spend another penny on their sign for 5 years. Every part of the sign is covered, including consumables such as bulbs.
  • Change Protection: things happen, strategies change, and competitors emerge. If over the 5 years, your client needs to change their sign or awning, Metro Sign & Awning will apply a pro-rated portion of their investment to the new business awning or sign.

What’s Important to You

  • Client satisfaction
  • Timeliness
  • Clear expectations & communication
  • Repeat business from your clients

What we offer you

We understand how important it is when an architectgeneral contractordeveloper, property manager or signage consultant recommends or selects Metro Sign & Awning. Our products and interactions with your client reflect directly on you.

We take the trust you place in us with the utmost seriousness. We let your client know what to expect, when to expect it and how much it will cost. We deliver what we promise and do so with industry-leading turnaround times on designs and quotes.


“Great Quality of Work, Many Compliments” – Ted Butler, Senior Project Manager
Suffolk University

“I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your recent work at the Suffolk University 20 Somerset Project. It was a pleasure to work with you and your team from start to finish. We appreciate your help working with us and the design team throughout the process. I know it wasn’t easy getting the interior sign schedule finalized, and we appreciate your guidance and professionalism in getting this finalized as we needed to support the project schedule. The quality of work from Metro Sign and Awning was great. The HDPL mural, in particular, is awesome – we’ve received many compliments from the Owner, Designers, and outside people that have toured the building. We look forward to working with you and Metro Sign on future projects… thanks again and keep up the good work!”

Ted Butler
Senior Project Manager
Suffolk Construction Company

“You Shared the Same Sense of Urgency for Completing the Project” – Andrew Rouille, Assistant Project Manager
Logan Express

“Team, I wanted to take a minute to let you all know how much I appreciate the hard work out here at Logan Express. We were given a very tough date from the owner to hit and it is not very often that the contractor’s on site share the same sense of urgency. It says a lot when the entire crew is willing to step up and stay late at a moment’s notice. Thank you very much for the hard work and all of your help. Please pass this on to the guys in the field as well.”

Andrew Rouille
Assistant Project Manager,
Logan Express, Framingham, MA

“Harbor Plaza the Realization of Architects’ Dream” – John Morris
John Morris Architects

“You all have my deepest thanks and appreciation for creating such a perfect manifestation of what was, and is to me, the realization of a quirky dream.It’ s Beautiful! More than even that, however, has been the experience of working through the several challenges of its creation with all of you as members of a team. It’s been great fun and I thank everyone at Metro for making it happen!”

John Morris
John Morris Architects

“Professional Assistance with Signage Rebranding” – The J Brice Design Team

Regatta Riverview in Cambridge MA

“Thank you for your expertise and professionalism in assisting JBrice Design with signage aspect in rebranding these two residential buildings. Your consultation services in combination to design, production, installation is a great asset and we value your partnership!”

The J Brice Design Team
J/Brice Design International

“Metro Has Exceeded My Expectations!” -Cristina Cora, RPA® Property Manager
Keypoint Partners

Essex Center Drive

“I’ve worked with several sign companies and this company has exceeded my expectations. They always come through for all of our property management needs. I highly recommend them.”

Cristina Cora, RPA® Property Manager
Keypoint Partners

“Cafco Appreciates the Hard Work & Dedication” – The team at Cafco Construction Management

“All of us at Cafco would like to express our sincere thanks to you and your team for your efforts on the Radisson Hotel project. Every successful project can be attributed to a collaboration of individual efforts. We acknowledge that it was the hard work and dedication of each individual, under aggressive time constraints, that enabled Cafco to realize our commitment. Thank you again and we look forward to future opportunities.”

The team at Cafco Construction Management
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