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Interior Signs

Interior Signage

Interior Signage is a key component in new multi tenant office or residential building, as well as in just about any public structure.

Eye-catching design is a primary consideration, as interior signage projects the image of the facility. But function is critical, too.  Good interior signs immediately assist visitors in locating their desired destination, and they must provide valuable safety information about the facility as required bylocal building code. ADA compliance is another key consideration when deciding upon your interior signage.

See our portfolio for examples of room identifiers, wayfinding maps, building policies, and business and residential names.

Materials Matter

The most commonly used materials are applique and photopolymer. Because of its manufacturing process, photopolymer signs are more durable and vandal resistant than appliqué signs. Applique signs, sometimes simply called engraved signs, are formed with layers of acrylic and laminates. Applique signs have some advantages over photopolymer signs, however – particularly when it comes to ADA compliance, as Braille lettering can be engraved to provide the required rounded tops.

Do you have questions about interior signage and ADA compliance? Contact us, or read our blog for recent ADA decisions affecting sign sizes, materials and design.


Because there are many differences in the two materials, there are different methods for customizing photopolymer and appliqué signage. Certain font styles, graphic layouts, sign frames, and methods for engraving logos work better on one material or another. Experienced signage professionals can help you select the best interior signs and get the best return on your investment.

Metro’s proven process ensures your finished sign is exactly what you need, as you envisioned it, and that it’s built to last.

Too Many Choices?

Whether you choose appliqué, photopolymer, or another material (laminate wall coverings, perhaps) there are also hundreds of colors (and color combinations) to choose from. The good news: Color is probably the only thing you’ll have to select entirely on your own. Your Metro Sign representative can help guide you through the many options and create the most attractive, durable, useful interior signage for your building.

Want to get started on designing the right sign for your business? Contact us.

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