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Property Developers

An Experienced Partner for Property Developers

At Metro Sign & Awning, we understand the trust you place in us when you recommend or select our company to work on your project. We know our products and interactions with your client reflect back on you, which is why we take all our dealings with your clients very seriously. We work with them through every step of the process, and keep them informed on the timeline and cost. We ensure each project is managed to ensure every piece of the process is coordinated and under control. Our team focuses on turning around designs and quotes quickly without sacrificing quality.

We understand the need to create a unique and high-quality project while keeping cost in mind. Our project management services allow us to focus on the details of your project such as the design, engineering, materials, and cost, so you can focus on the big picture. From quality materials to state-of-the-art design, easy permit acquisition and more, we have years of experience partnering with developers in the Greater Boston area and throughout New England. We know what’s important to you as a partner as well as what’s important to your clients You can rely on us to build a trusting and professional relationship with your clients that will reflect well on you and your team.

As a partner for developers, we focus on the details including:


Our expert design team works with you to create a sign or awning that maximizes its advertising and aesthetic values, one that gets noticed and is memorable. To create your business sign or canopy design, we build on your company goals and brand, neighboring signage and the specifics of type, size, color, lighting, mounting, and location – all while staying within your budget.

We start every developer partnership with a program consultation that will determine the specific design and materials needed depending on the type of project. We work diligently with real estate developers to ensure that all ADA & local zoning requirements are met and work with the overall project. Our ability to offer valuable input such as suggested design and fabrication intent, changeable panels on a pylon, materials that function well in internal and external environments, and code compliant fonts and layouts ensures that the project moves along smoothly.

Permit Acquisition

As a project developer, permit acquisition is a vital part of any project. Business sign permitting is often a complicated process, and regulations and restrictions for signage vary by town and municipality. Metro Sign & Awning expertly navigates local sign codes and regulations, working with you to ensure that your sign meets all requirements.

We perform code research ensuring proposed signage is compliant, as well as identify procurement process and variables to ensure the cost, process, and timeline is viable. We are experienced in meeting municipality regulations such as the B.P.D.A. approval process. We regularly work through design and planning reviews, as well as having the ability to manage special permit variance requirements when necessary. We will always forward a receipt of all permits to the client or project manager including acquisition rates listed, estimates, and city fees billed at cost.

Deliver to Spec

We always build to spec and offer Value Engineering (VE) options for recommendation at bid stages that include sample swatches, photo imaging and cut sheets submitted with your bid recommendation.

Turnkey Installation & Project Management

When it comes to installation, our partners don’t need to worry about any of the details. We coordinate multi-sign installations in office parks, malls, and institutional properties. We also handle scheduling of electricians, roofers, and other contractors to be sure your signs are installed on time, on budget, and according to the required specifications. As a partner, it’s our priority to oversee the installation of all components. We take on the role of project manager with a site super overseeing union installation (if required) and a project team to ensure safety and all field requirements are met. From shop to drawings and submittals, we include a developed sign schedule correlating with typical design per sign type. Our packages include prototypes, material swatches, color confirmation with paint samples and when required we offer full-size sign types produced for architectural and owner approval.

Variety & Quality of Materials

We provide recommendations made for ‘as built’ materials that offer lower cost alternatives at a high-performance outcome. We source materials from a build-out and implement into our interior sign design package for applique room identification, including things like creative applique, photopolymer, thermoform, and compression molded for interior and exterior environments.

Awards in the Field

Award-winning designs (Two Watchfire Gold Awards in 2016, added to our other awards)

Representative Projects

What Our Partners Say

“Everyone I’ve had the pleasure of working with at Metro has been excellent and I’d welcome the opportunity to work with you again. The whole process, from submittal to install, was very fluid. There was an open communication between Metro, FMA and Skanska which, I believe, was a large contributor to the overall success of the project.”

Michael Pugh

Skanska Project Manager

With our project management skills, architectural signage experience, and craftsmanship, the entire Metro team is committed to working with developers to bring their project vision to reality. Contact us to get started on your project today.

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