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Digital Signage


Spread the Word with Digital Signage

Digital signage offers flexibility and a way to inform, entertain, educate, and communicate with diverse audiences. These ubiquitous signs appear in bus stations, at airports, in fast food restaurants, and in doctor’s offices.

A subcategory of electronic signage (which includes technologies like LCD, LED, and projection), digital signs are comprised of several key components:

  • Content: Audio, video, image, graphics, text, and more that convey information
  • Hardware: Screens, mounts, printers, cameras, payment devices, and more
  • Software: Digital infrastructure that facilitates the creation, deployment, management, and analysis of the content the signs display

Digital signs and electronic message centers (EMCs) allow businesses to run more targeted, local marketing campaigns, incorporate local events, and easily test and iterate marketing tactics. One of these signs’ most valuable attributes is their ability to display real-time information.

A wide variety of sign options exists, and your company’s plans for the signs will help guide Metro Sign’s recommendations. For example, EMCs work well to promote business features or specials. These signs can display words, images, and more that someone can change automatically or remotely. A single screen can include automated content — like news, weather, sports, FIDS, announcements, and advertisements. 

Digital signage and EMCs can also include menu boards and public facing boards within the interior space of a company, corporation, or business. College and university campuses and shopping centers utilize wayfinding screens to help visitors or customers navigate. Retail stores and office buildings often make use of video walls, too.

Advantages of Digital Signs

Today we live in a world surrounded by digital signs — waiting room monitors, restaurant menu boards, digital retail signs, community and school displays, and so much more. And we have high expectations for the messages they convey.

In addition to the obvious benefits — like improving the look of a location, capturing attention, and increasing customer awareness — digital signs do more than offer a good impression. If you’re not sure whether to take that next step and add a digital sign to your business, here are some reasons why it’s worth serious consideration:

  • Enhanced Engagement: Digital signs can capture more than 400% views than static displays — and help to increase in-store traffic.
  • Greater Customer Satisfaction: According to a Digital Signage Today article, customers who interact with digital signage reported 46% higher satisfaction and a 35% decrease in perceived wait time.
  • Dependable and Responsive Interaction: Technological advances have propelled the growth of smart digital signs and EMCs, which enable companies to add digital interactions that their customers — used to accessing information on screens of all sizes — have come to expect.
  • More Impulse Purchases: The tech community has noted that 19% of people surveyed have admitted to making unplanned purchases because of digital signage’s influence.
  • Higher Growth and Increased Sales: Many reports indicate that brands experience significant sales increases — up to 33% — after they implement digital signs.
  • Supports Adding Video: Digital signs that leverage video — which is more engaging than stills — can use that video to capture and hold viewer attention.
  • Better Communication: Businesses that incorporate digital signage and electronic message centers can display much more information. Companies can run time-sensitive ads or display time-sensitive information, like social media feeds, blog posts, weather, or COVID-19 updates.

The Metro Process

Like all electronics, digital signage options vary significantly. Choosing the right design to meet your needs requires many calculations and considerations. Metro understands signage deeply, including the complexities of EMCs which offer a diversity of types and benefits and cover a wide price range. 

We work with multiple EMC manufacturers and are well-positioned to design and build the best EMC for your needs and budget. We’re also well-equipped to navigate the permitting process, which can become quite involved when a business wants to install digital signs or EMCs.

Identifying and Defining Your Needs

When you’re exploring options and thinking about installing digital signage or an electronic message center, you’ll need to consider a variety of things, including:

  • Cost
  • Ease of use
  • Dynamic templates
  • Scheduling
  • Reliability
  • Scalability
  • Offline pay
  • User management of software
  • Integration of the new sign with other existing signage

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