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Electronic Message Centers


Are Electronic Message Centers the Same as Digital Billboards?

There are a few core differences that set Electronic Message Centers (EMCs) apart from billboards. These differences also make EMCs a better fit for small businesses and local organizations.

  • EMCs advertise goods or services that are available at the location of the EMC, while billboards are off-premises.
  • EMCs are almost always regulated locally, while billboards are regulated federally.
  • EMCs are available in a wide range of sizes, while billboards are usually a standard size.

We Can Help You Find the Right Fit

Different businesses and property owners often approach us with similar questions about electronic message center signs; town regulations, pixel count, costs, longevity and more. We’re happy to answer all these questions and more. We’ll also show you the complete menu of options for digital message signs, so you can explore which ones make the most sense for your business.

Who Benefits Most From Electronic Message Center Signs?

Electronic message signs are particularly useful to certain businesses in certain situations. We’ve seen them work especially well for:

  • Businesses with heavy drive-by traffic. If you have many potential customers who are driving by your storefront, an electronic message sign can start increasing awareness almost immediately.
  • Businesses with seasonal cycles or deals. If your business depends heavily on peak sales during certain times of year, an electronic message sign can make a big difference by spreading the word quickly.
  • Mixed-use retail centers and developments. We’ve seen property owners lease advertising space on the signs to tenants, allowing them to pay off the cost of the sign while also attracting more visitors to the development. Multiple logos can be stacked on one display, and messages can be rotated. For businesses that are located farther back in the center, without their own street-facing signage, this advertising method can be transformative.
  • Event/entertainment venues. Like businesses with seasonal cycles, community organizations, theaters, and event spaces see great ROI from electronic message signs because they can spread the word quickly and directly.

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