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Exterior Project Timeline

Thank you for completing the questionnaire. Here is your Exterior Project Timeline

The exterior project timeline for Metro Sign & Awning spans approximately 23-29 weeks. The process begins with an initial site meeting and budget proposal, which takes about 2 weeks. Following client approval, the design phase, including submittals and revisions, occurs over 2.5 weeks.

Permit processes, including technical surveys and design reviews, can take between 4 to 8 weeks. The address is crucial during this phase as it provides the necessary context for regulatory approvals and ensures compliance with local zoning laws. Once permits are approved, fabrication and installation of signage take an additional 4 to 6 weeks. The project concludes with the installation and final invoicing, ensuring all steps meet regulatory and client specifications.

Action Estimated Time of Completion
Site meeting to discuss new signage project; typical response time from initial engagement
0.71 weeks (5 days)
Metro provides a proposed signage budget; Sales person to discuss the specs we will budget
1 week
Client approves budget parameters (understanding formal quote to come once designs are completed); Typical response time from client
0.29 weeks (2 days)
MetroSign Sales to submit Request to Design; review pictures, prepare ideas
0.14 weeks (1 day)
Follow up Design Submittal; This is average time for MetroSign to provide (assume 9 calendar days)
1 week
Client review of design; Unknown variable for client to commit to reviewing and responding
1 week
Requested revision to designs; Time MetroSign needs to make the changes to the initial design
1 week
Client review of revised design; V2 Unknown variable for client to commit to reviewing and responding
0.71 weeks (5 days)
Approval of design; Typically in line with budget assuming there were not drastic changes to size or specs
Notice To Metro will start Next Phase - Formal Quote
Formal quote submitted; Time to produce and submit
0.71 weeks (5 days)
Quote approved/ Deposit payment processed; Time it typically takes for Metro to receive response. Permit process can begin.
0.71 weeks (5 days)
Permit Process to begin: BPDA (Boston Planning Design Agency) Submittal / Design Review/ Insp Services
0.29 weeks (2 days) from receipt of signed quote
Technical Surveys scheduled; Time to slot into service schedule
1 week
IF NECESSARY, Design Review / BPDA; Design review is generally a scheduled meeting /(BPDA IS BOSTON PROJECTS) BPDA review is done without meeting

4 weeks

Permit Submittal; Time it takes from submittal to approval. Typical Building Dept is taking 4 weeks to process

4 - 8 weeks

ESDs Completed - if required; ESD's typically not requested prior to Building Dept asking for it due to cost to client.
2 weeks
ISD Issues Permit
MetroSign PM confirms all approvals & deposit received; All pricing, design details confirmed. Deposit payment is received
0.29 weeks (2 days)
Signage released to fabrication; Timeframe for producing signage

4 - 6 weeks

Install Scheduled
1 week prior to install
Signage footing install (if required)
0.14 weeks (1 day)
Signage install begins
0.14 weeks (1 day)
Signage install complete & invoiced


22 - 29 weeks


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