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Exterior Signs in Boston, MA

The choices a business owner must make everyday can be overwhelming. Sometimes the best choice is to let a professional handle the details. Metro Sign & Awning helps Boston-area business owners get the best exterior signs, without the hassles.

Exterior Signs: Materials Matter for Boston, MA Businesses

Boston-area businesses have to weigh all of the same considerations when designing exterior signage as business owners throughout the country. However, the Boston metro area does present a few special challenges. Local sign experts can help.

When it comes to materials, for example, Metro Sign & Awning carefully evaluates the best manufacturers in the industry and constantly studies the market for innovative, new materials – with an eye on Boston skies.

Wet weather, sea spray, and high winds are tough on exterior signs – add to the mix multiple sub-zero days each year and you know your sign doesn’t have an easy job. Metro Sign & Awning associates select materials that are able to withstand the elements and make your business look good for many years – and Metro stands behind those words with unmatched warranties.

Materials that look as good five years after they’ve been installed as they did day one? That’s Metro’s goal.

Exterior Signs, quality matters

Exterior Signs: Maintenance Matters, Too, for Boston, MA Businesses

While business owners understand the cost of exterior signage is a long-term investment, some fail to consider the ongoing expense related to sign maintenance. Metro Sign & Awning customers appreciate our approach to sign design and the “care and feeding” process associated with keeping a sign looking great.

That’s why, in the sign design process, your Metro team will discuss the illumination, energy efficiency, and replacement costs of various lighting options with you. In fact, our five-year, platinum warranty even covers  changing light bulbs in your sign!

More than “Just” Award-Winning Designs for Boston, MA Exterior Signs

It’s true: Metro Sign & Awning is proud to have been recognized – twice – for its award-winning sign designs. But smart sign design is a sum of many parts. Visual appeal is an important part of the equation, but so are other factors, including return on investment, longevity, sign safety and flexibility – meaning what if you change logo designs? Or your hours change? Metro Sign understands not only the sign business, but also what the sign means to your business.

See what our customers have to say about working with Metro and contact us about your next signage project.

Expert Services for Your Exterior Signs in Boston, MA

For businesses that need all-inclusive packages, we offer a full suite of services to suit your individualized needs. We offer each client the expertise in several areas including design, project management, installation and can aid in navigating the complex waters of permits and zoning board approvals.

From small businesses to large corporations and franchises, our wealth of knowledge and know-how about strategic placement, quality materials, design elements and more will ensure that your commercial sign highlights the professionalism of your business and all at an affordable cost.

We’re the Boston Exterior Sign Company with the Longest Warranties

Metro Sign & Awning knows a commercial sign or awning is an important, multi-year investment in your Boston MA business. We also know design, materials and craftsmanship determine noticeablity, durability, operating cost and your ultimate return on investment..

Our New England factory is obsessed with quality and service. This is why we can offer our 3 year Gold warranty, standard on all our signs and awnings. (That’s triple what our competitors offer!)

While a 3-year Gold Warranty is standard, many Metro Sign customers choose to get our 5-Year Platinum Warranty package, eliminating headaches related to budgeting, planning, and scheduling. A 5-Year Platinum Warranty package provides:

  • Expense Protection: Don’t spend another penny on your sign for the next 5 years! Every part of the sign is covered, including consumables like bulbs (even if a crane is needed to change one).
  • Change Protection: things happen, strategies change, and competitors emerge. If you choose to change your sign over the 5 years, a pro-rated portion of your original investment is applied to your new business sign or awning.

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