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Wayfinding Portfolio

  • Pepperell Place Directory Sign

  • 808 Memorial Directory Sign

  • Interior Wayfinding Room ID Sign

    SBWTC – Janitor’s Closet

  • The Charles

  • SSU

  • Lowell Visitor Parking

  • First POS Parking Garage

  • City of Boston

  • The Victor Residential, Boston, MA

  • Mill Street Residential, Arlington, MA

  • Theater Lobby ID

  • Exterior Specialty Wayfinding

  • 100 Ames Pond Road, Tewksbury, MA

  • Permanent Room ID

  • Wood Laminate Directory with 3 Changeable Panels

  • Lord Jeffrey Inn, Amherst, MA

  • Sylvan Street Directory

  • Mill St Residential, Arlington MA

  • Office Directory

  • Lord Jeffrey Inn

  • Johnson Elevator

  • Mezzanine

  • Mezzanine

  • Copley Interior Wayfinding

  • Lobby – Men’s

  • Lobby – Women’s Room Blade

  • Theater Lobby

  • Illuminated Women’s Room ID

  • XPlus – Interior


“The Signs Look Fantastic” – Christina Salvato , Kim Sternick
Northeastern University

Northeastern University, a private, coeducational research university in Boston, needed wayfinding signage to improve the campus visitor experience. They called on Metro because of our experience and fabrication expertise. Before and after the signs were in place, however, they had a few things to say about our customer service, as well. First off, I can’t thank you enough for all the time and effort you and your team have put into this! I really appreciate it ,,,  your responsiveness and details were extremely helpful. The signs look fantastic! The installers were delightful to work with even in the pouring rain! Thank you so much for all of your efforts- I’m so excited to see it all complete.
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