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Glass House Designs

Award Won

Boston Society of Architects Hospitality Design Award, 2018

Services Provided

  • Collaborative design
  • Exterior building sign
  • Blade sign
  • Interior and exterior graphics

Project Overview

In collaboration with the design firm Hacin + Associates and the independent restaurant team at the Briar Group, Metro Sign & Awning designed and fabricated signage for the grand opening of a restaurant called Glass House. The designers’ vision of bold, modern, upscale branding called for a unique exterior blade sign with a convex circular shape, larger-than-life graphics for the restaurant’s glass exterior, and playful but refined interior graphics. The result of this collaboration was a truly one-of-a-kind atmosphere. According to the Boston Society of Architects, “From the crafting of small details to the curation of a complete atmosphere, every design decision in this project is anchored in the neighborhood’s history of glass-making, riffing on it through materiality, palette, graphics, and compartmentalization of space. More restaurants should be so clever, spirited, and cohesive. Glass House is a singular establishment.”

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