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What is Design/Build?

Design/Build is a turnkey solution that awards a single contract to a sign company to design, manufacture and install all of the signage for their project. This omits owner risk for design errors and transfers responsibility for mistakes from the general contractor to the designer/builder.

7 Reasons General Contractors Are Turning to a Design/Build Signage Partner

1. Design

A building without a sign is a building without branding. Our in-house graphics studio can study a site’s concept, the business’ brand and create a sign family that supports & enhances the brand. This includes:

  • Sourcing materials from a build-out for inspiration including wood grain, color scheme, metal finish, rocks, etc. (see photo)
  • Incorporating a product that will function in an architectural capacity. (i.e. reception desk and glass cabinet built into granite (see photo for 22 Boston Wharf) and the high-pressure laminate wall system (see photo for 20 Somerset).
  • Recommending design and fabrication innovations such as changeable panels on a pylon or materials that function well in internal and external environments
  • Anticipating value engineered options such as less expensive materials or greater visibility

2. Planning

Once our team completes their design, a plan is developed. This aids the general contractor in completing the project without any added stress due to signage. The building will have adequate branding and a timely certificate of occupancy. Planning includes:

  • Presenting a signage program with architectural and aesthetic integrity
  • Focusing on functionality within the particular environment
  • Breaking out phases of project deliverables
  • Reviewing variables such as temporary signage, engineering, permits, base building, safety, ADA and inspectional compliance
  • Identifying the procurement process and ensuring costs, process and timelines are visible
  • By utilizing Metro Sign and Awning as a Design/Build partner, we are able to deliver the whole project on time and budget.

3. Collaboration

Our Design/Build process requires working on a variety of project types and interfacing directly with owners, developers, union leaders, inspectors, local governments and many others. This includes:

  • Managing special permit and variance requirements
  • Performing code compliant research
  • Submitting all permit applications
  • Forwarding permits to client

4. Expertise

Metro Sign & Awning has provided interior and exterior signage for residential, hotel, corporate, hospitals, shopping centers, casinos, private and public schools, colleges and universities and more, by:

  • Serving as a professional guide and trusted advisor to owners
  • Understanding pricing, sequencing and general construction
  • Employing licensed architects with experience in the signage field

5. Installation

Our Project Managers arrange our crew to handle open shop & prevailing wage or we subcontract one of our union labor partners. The installation includes:

  • Coordinating with related trades (i.e. j-bolt patterns, Dig-Safe, paving, paint templates, plates and blocking prior to closing walls, etc.)
  • Partnering with New England Carpenters Union, Sign Erector Union and Painters Union (when required)
  • Ensuring electrical requirements are met by providing lighting specs and coordinating with our client’s licensed electricians
  • Conducting site safety meetings
  • Maintaining OSHA training and certification
  • Owning equipment to reach hi-rise exterior and complex rooflines

6. Efficiency

Understanding the complexity of a signage plan and building it in your own shop offers many opportunities to streamline the schedule and cut costs. This includes:

  • Accommodating big changes during construction without chaos or additional costs
  • Delivering agreed upon specifications within budget and on-time
  • Planning labor to break down easily to add or remove items as a project transitions and changes scope
  • Creating a comprehensive breakdown and cost analysis of the project

7. Accountability / Responsibility

There’s pride in ownership when a company sees their creation come to fruition. In a Design/Build relationship, everything from concept to completion is nailed down in the planning phase. The designer-builder calls the shots and takes the heat. This means:

  • No surprises
  • No legal battles
  • No disappointments
  • No excuses

Remember, without proper code compliant signage, a certificate of occupancy cannot be obtained.

Design/Build is becoming more popular because it gives the General Contractor a single point of contact. He or she can turn the entire project over to a reputable company and trade stress for success.

To learn more about our past Design/Build projects, contact your representative from Metro Sign & Awning today.

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