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Introducing Fabricated Thoughts

Introducing Fabricated Thoughts

It’s official: Metro Sign & Awning’s blog has a name! Thanks to all who participated.

The contest drew about two dozen entries, so we gathered the crew and tossed around the options while tossing back some root beers and a few pounds of peanuts. (Hey, we don’t take big decisions like this lightly.)

All of the names suggested had merit, and it wasn’t easy to narrow down the field. Ultimately, when the final vote was tallied, Fabricated Thoughts it was.

The winning entry came from our own Ben Brierre. Thanks and congratulations, Ben! Did we mention that the winner gets to write a blog post every week from now on? No? Oh, well… we’ll talk later.

Seriously, we had a lot of fun with this contest and sincerely appreciate everyone who participated. Now we’re back to work. After all, a blog with a great name like this needs great content too!

Any particular topics or questions you’d like to see covered? Please let us know.

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