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Reduced Headaches—Signage Projects that Don’t Slow You Down

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Working with developers, general contractors and business owners, we know you have a lot on your plate – and the details of your signage project are not necessarily on the top of your list.  A significant benefit of Metro Sign & Awning’s lean management approach is that we are able to reduce our client’s headaches and provide them with a smooth and easy signage project process. So often, signage is the “last thing” that is planned, approved, and installed – and yet, a building cannot be branded without it.

You can trust us to focus on the design and implementation of your signs, so you can focus on other aspects of your project or business. Read on to learn how we utilize our lean management skills and prioritize project management to ensure that all the details of your signage project are managed – and that they don’t slow you down.

Value vs. Waste

SBWTB Boston Waterfront Center signageSeparating parts of a project that provide value versus those that generate waste is a key component to lean management. When we review any signage project, we categorize activities that add value and those that don’t. Activities that add value are ones that increase the form or function of the product or service. These are activities or aspects of the project that we focus on in order to provide you with a smooth project process. On the other hand, activities that do not add value are considered unnecessary. Identifying those non-value activities and removing them from the process results in a better sign design, fabrication, approval and installation process.

“Waste in the design process” may sound unlikely. But in fact, the sooner a signage package is included in the building and development process, the more likely it is that initial designs will meet with approval – from the developer and the architectural team to the city zoning board. A smooth design process is just another result of good communication and having a coordinated team effort.

The Benefits of Lean Management

At MSA, we love the lean management philosophy for many reasons – primarily, because it focuses on improving processes to benefit the client. When it comes to signage design and manufacturing, lean management provides the customer with a high quality service while eliminating waste and variation throughout the entire project process, reducing surprises and headaches. As a customer, lean management can assure you of a few things:

  • High quality production done by qualified and expert staff members
  • Efficient production that means a finished project in a time- and cost efficient manner
  • A project that is performed under one roof, with little or no use of sub-contractors
  • Guaranteed production time and overall service quality of your signage project

Prioritizing Project Management

We prioritize project management that focuses on the details of the design and production of your signage project so you don’t have to. From the initial consultation, to bringing your vision to life, MSA has the bandwidth to handle every step of your project. Whether it’s the design of the signs, obtaining permits, ensuring regulations are met, or overseeing production and installation, project management is a vital part of the way we work.


To learn more about how Metro Sign & Awning has embraced lean project management and how it can help you get your signage project off to a successful start, contact us.

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