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Signs and the Downtown Experience

Architectural Signage, Community, Sign Design, Wayfinding

Signs and the Downtown Experience

Throughout cities and downtowns, signs play a vital role in how residents and visitors interact with the space around them. Whether it’s a directional wayfinding sign, a storefront, or a sign identifying a building, signs contribute greatly to the downtown experience, playing an important role in the brand identity of cities, retailers, and institutions. Because of this the quality of signage has greatly improved over the last decade including design innovations (many intended to improve pedestrian safety). quality materials, and architectural integrations into buildings and landscapes. At Metro Sign and Awning, we design signage to create a unified, practical, and aesthetically pleasing downtown experience. Keep reading to learn more about how signs create a community and are at the heart of any downtown experience.

Signs and a Community’s Identity

From the famous Las Vegas sign in the 1970s to your local town’s welcome sign, signage has the ability to create and sustain a community’s identity. Signage plays a huge part in creating a community and branding important landmarks. From municipal buildings to familiar retail fronts, landmark on-premise signs give residents and visitors a sense of the community’s unique character.. Signs with integrated design concepts that combine graphics, signs and architecture have become prevalent in downtown areas as a way to combine informative text, visual excitement, and a to communicate a brand identity.

The Prevalence of Digital Signs

The prevalence of digital signs can be seen in downtown areas across the world. Digital signs are often used as a combination of advertising and an efficient way to share informative content. To achieve both goals,  digital signs must be high-quality and legible, as well as being reliable and easy to maintain. The most successful digital signs provide clear, legible information while incorporating architectural integration and innovative designs using furniture, fixtures, and finishes.

Wayfinding and Identity Signage

Wayfinding and identity signage are some of the most vital parts of a successful downtown experience. For uses ranging from vehicular, to pedestrian and wayfinding, the best of these  signs support tourism, improve the city brand, and make a city a more livable place for its residents. Wayfinding and identity signs are an integral part of urban infrastructure for large cities as well as smaller towns. Signage including signs that highlighting community details such as historical buildings, dynamic landmarks, gateways, maps, pedestrian oriented systems, directional signs and kiosks  are vital to the downtown experience.

Metro and the Downtown Waltham Partnership

Metro Sign and Awning has had the privilege of partnering with Downtown Waltham for several years. Downtown Waltham works with the city of Boston to provide grants to downtown businesses for renovation and development projects. Metro has worked with Downtown Waltham on several projects focusing on retail and identity signage to help brand the downtown community and create a positive downtown experience.

If you would like to learn more about how Metro can work with you to improve your visitors’ downtown experience, contact us today

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