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Whenever a client requests a sign that’s a little different from the norm, the Metro Sign team gets excited. We love a good challenge!

Workers Credit Union, in Littleton, MA, needed interior and exterior signs for its new headquarters and office. We partnered with general contractor Nauset Construction Corporation to create the signage package, which included a unique canopy sign.

The first challenge: The canopy sign had to sit on top of a custom steel and glass canopy, which certainly limited how we could safely attach it.

The second challenge: It had to look great not just from the front, but from the back, too, because it was clearly visible from a second floor conference room whose windows overlooked the sign’s letters.

Its design took lots of technical planning and coordination among our client, the architect, and our installers. We had many discussions and conducted several technical surveys during the canopy’s construction. 

And the end result is a structurally sound, safe sign that will hold up to the elements and look good from the front — and the back.

We also designed, fabricated, and installed ADA interior signage, room and conference sign IDs, and a fun vinyl dimensional letter set applied on a glass wall as part of the sign package.

As part of the design-build team, we also took care of the permitting and successfully met our client’s timeline, accommodating change orders and requests from the inspectors to make sure our signs were in compliance. Our team also worked hard to accommodate the general contractor and simplify processes as much as they could. We take pride in rolling with the punches and accommodating changes that inevitably crop up in a project.

Our experience as a design builder allowed us to head things off at the pass and keep smaller issues — like making tweaks to signage for the elevators — from escalating into bigger problems.


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