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Christmas Came Early for Metro Sign

Branding, Inside Metro

Who doesn’t love a new toy? Granted, when we get older, our definition of “toy” changes. As adults, we might geek out over a new drone. That new DSLR camera evokes the same excited reaction as a once-coveted Lego set. 

This year, we celebrated the holidays early with the addition of some new equipment. While it’s not something we can take home to play with, these tools will help us to offer some pretty cool signage designs for our customers.

Our New Laser – A Cut Above the Rest

We work with clients who have a lot of different ideas and design requests. When we decided to add a larger laser cutter to our production equipment, we wanted a workhorse. Our new Magnus CO2 Laser definitely delivers. This tool can cut or engrave for nearly any application — and it’s quick, too.

Because we believe in using value engineering to help you control project costs, we appreciate the high-degree of precision compared to other laser cutting options. In fact, when we use this laser system, we can save up to 40% in material usage because it reduces the space in between cut parts. So if you want to “splurge” a little on a costlier material, you won’t need to account for as much expensive waste.

It works with a whole host of materials including:

  • Acrylic
  • Ceramic
  • Coated materials
  • Corian
  • Fabric
  • Fiberglass
  • Leather
  • Melamine
  • Paper 

We also appreciate that this laser’s more environmentally friendly than other manufacturing options. Laser cutting doesn’t create chips, sawdust, or other debris. It saves production time, too, since it can cut square corners without leaving a radius. Our team doesn’t spend nearly the same amount of time flame polishing or finishing cut pieces.

Meet Our Wide Format Flatbed Printer

Another addition to our workshop is the EFI Pro 24f LED Wide Format Flatbed Printer. What makes this printer so cool? It offers us some fantastic creative solutions for our customers. With it, we can produce a range of unique graphic solutions with dimension and texture.

For example:

  • ADA signs with a vast range of finishes, colors and effects that appear like a much more expensive material solution but at a deep discount. 
  • We can do full-bleed printing on a 4’ x 8’ sheet of material up to 2” thick.
  • We can print on more than one different sized board and irregularly shaped objects.
  • It works with wood, glass, plastics, foam board, and other substrates.
  • It uses CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black), two white channels, and four levels of variable drop grayscale to produce vivid color and fine detail.
  • We’ll dazzle you with resolution up to 1200 x 1200 dpi via six printheads that can do single-pass, multiplayer printing for super sharp text.
  • This printer’s inks and fast UV LED cool-curing technology combine for unparalleled long-lasting quality — a hallmark of our company.
  • Lastly, it works in conjunction with our new laser! We simply pull the printed material off the table, lay it on the laser and “Voila” we have signage magic! Fast, beautiful and budget friendly – what’s better than that!

The Right Tool for the Job

Just like everything else, the signage industry is continuing to evolve. At Metro, we want to continue evolving, too — and that means making sure we’ve got the best tools to make the cost effective signs you need. 

And let’s face it… when we read information about the latest and greatest equipment that can elevate the signs we design to even greater heights, our pulses race just a little bit faster. 

There’s a lot of “noise” competing for your customers’ and clients’ attention. We want to make sure that our tools give us the ability to create signs with style and panache that capture — and keep — that attention.

And when we hear from satisfied customers who’re thrilled with our designs and installation? Well, that makes us feel a little like Christmas, too.

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