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While COVID-19 has presented incredible challenges across nearly all industries, it also highlights the critical role being played by the signage industry. 

Much of the pandemic has focused on the visual — visualizing six feet of space between people, glove and mask wearing to protect each other, flattening the curve, graphics and videos of proper handwashing techniques — and creating effective visuals is the hallmark of an exceptional sign company, like Metro Sign and Awning.

The Metro team has leveraged industry best practices in developing clear, visual communications that project calm authority while also offering guidance, instruction, and direction, because we recognize the critical need of our clients to communicate during this challenging time.

Spreading the Message

Whether digital or print, signs offer quick, cost-effective ways to communicate vital information and direction to clients, customers, and employees. 

Many companies, businesses, and organizations have relied on signs to facilitate immediate responsiveness and quickly share or or update important health and safety information in real time during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Businesses that have remained open — like supermarkets, pharmacies, and healthcare facilities — have seen the value in using signage to communicate security and prevention measures, repeating important safety and health information to protect employees and customers. Interactive wayfinding stations reduce the need for human interaction and could be easily adjusted to guide people quickly to their destinations while maintaining physical distancing requirements. Queue management signs help optimize customer flows, display estimated wait times, and advertise availability and purchase limits of in-demand products.

Signage In the Spotlight

Repeat messaging can be the key to success. Whether it’s reminding employees or customers to wash hands and maintain proper physical distancing, or communicating the latest, most recent updates about the steps people must take to protect themselves and stop the spread, both print and digital signs play a critical role.

Millions of global public spaces rely on digital signage,  and technology has elevated digital signs to a higher level — that of television, radio, and the web. Technology has made it easier for content publishers connected to cloud-based content management systems (CMS) to send updates from any location in real time. CMS offer the flexibility to configure and direct specific messages throughout a building or even an entire campus.

Messaging With a Little Flair

COVID signage is here for the long term, but that doesn’t mean businesses can’t creatively design and seamlessly integrate that signage into their existing branding and signs.

Professionally-designed COVID signage serves a dual purpose: communicating information associated with safety protocols, for example, and supporting a company’s branding and marketing. 

Physical distancing stickers on the floor can also incorporate company names or brands and color schemes. CVS, for example, uses white lettering on a red sticker to remind people to stay six feet apart. (They completely missed an opportunity to use six-foot register receipts reminding shoppers to “stay the length of a CVS receipt apart”). 

As businesses, companies, and organizations plan and adjust their operating strategies, COVID signage has become an integral part of the plan. Metro Sign offers a wide selection of:

  •  Glass and wall mounted signs
  • Floor/stair graphics 
  • Elevator graphics
  • Counter/kitchen graphics and signs

The COVID signage  in our catalog is generic, allowing us to customize your signage with colors, copy, and sizes tailor-made to clearly communicate the messages you need and align with your marketing and brand and aesthetic. Contact us now to learn more.

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