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Here in New England, we live with the extremes: from the cold and wind of Nor’easters to the heat and glaring sun of the summer These weather extremes are an excellent reason why awnings and enclosures can be so valuable: reduce your energy costs and save you money. When calculating the return on investment for awnings or enclosures though, in addition to this reduction in costs, there is an even bigger benefit: they increase your revenue by increasing your selling space. Read on to learn how.

Enclosures Grow Revenue and Brand All Year

We help many businesses, such as hotels, restaurants and stores, by creating enclosures that help provide weatherproofing to their outdoor areas. The enclosures can aid in increasing your revenue by expanding your square footage, update a dated storefront, and enhance your brand.

Enclosures add square footage to your existing business property and depending on the season they can be heated or cooled to keep your customers comfortable. These sturdy enclosures allow your business to expand your footprint at a fraction of the cost of securing more permanent square footage. More square footage means more customers which in turn means more revenue for your business. The enclosures are an extension of your business and add a punch to your brand. Our experienced designers will work with you to design just the right graphics to make a knock out first impression.

Awnings Help in the Summer

Once the cold weather subsides and the weather heats up, awnings are beneficial for your business for several reasons; they reduce your energy costs, and provide a powerful branding message to your customers. The awnings protect storefronts and interiors from direct sunlight and overheating, helping business owners save money on energy costs. Additionally, awnings provide protection for outdoor furniture from the harsh UV rays that can cause discoloration and deterioration, preventing the need to upgrade them once the summer is over. We work with our customers to provide them with graphics on the awning that will enhance your brand and make you stand out. The awning can help update an otherwise dated storefront much more economically than a full cosmetic lift to the face of your building.

Why Metro is the best choice for your Awning or Enclosure

Metro Sign & Awning has the experience and expertise in working with all types of business to design the right product to help you grow your revenue and brand. We use the highest quality materials that will perform for a long time, which is why we uniquely offer the longest warranties in the industry: 3 and 5 years.

Not only will your awning or enclosure provide the necessary functions, but they will look great too. Cleverly designed and well-positioned, they can help communicate with your patrons and further establish your brand. We work with a team of designers who will capture your brand’s personality and look, and provide your business with excellent curb appeal.

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