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Small Details Key to Big Brand Signage Surveys, Installs

Branding, Exterior Signage, Others, Professional Signage Installation

Metro’s Keene, NH crew has been busy with installations for national brands this summer. Find out what it takes to handle the big names in signs.




Big brands often require big, high visibility signage – and Metro Sign & Awning has the experience and equipment to handle the job. But even before the installation can begin, detailed survey work needs to be done – and the permitting process can be lengthy.


Here are four keys to Metro’s reliable handling of the big signage jobs:


1. Metro is UL listed – a prerequisite for most larger sign installations

2. Metro has the large equipment necessary for the larger jobs – and the experienced operators and installers who can manage it. The equipment includes a bucket truck, 60’ crane, and 100’ crane. Our operators maintain training and safety certifications to ensure safe installations.

3. Metro Surveyors can handle the most detailed packet. Being able to capture survey data with a high degree of accuracy, and having the technical expertise to describe electrical

set-ups in detail are crucial to ensuring signs can be manufactured to exacting specifications so once the signs are on site, everything works, just right.

4. Metro has years of experience working with local municipalities during the permit and approvals process. There’s no shortage of regulations and required permits, and they all affect design options and costs. Metro’s experience in the approvals process often helps clients save money and avoid the need for variances, which saves time, too.

When you need a signage partner that is UL listed, has the large equipment necessary for big sign installs, and the experience and expertise needed to handle the job, contact Metro Sign & Awning.

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