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Teamwork’s on the Menu

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Have you ever watched the credits roll after a movie? When you realize how many collaborators are involved, it’s no surprise that many great movies exceed their budget exponentially. That’s why we’re proud of an unexpectedly collaborative project that we recently completed without disrupting the schedule.

The Project

When Roche Brothers approached us to work on one of their locations, we were honored and excited to be sought out by a family-owned Massachusetts company that we all know and love. They asked us to co-design, build, and install clean looking, durable interior and exterior signage, and approximately 1,000 square feet of painted stenciling to add a crisp design element to the indoor environment. We happily agreed.

Behind the Scenes

Every project has its unique twists and turns. In this case, the project became more collaborative than we initially expected it to be.

For example, the exterior signage needed to be installed on a curtain wall with a vapor barrier. For that to work, all mounting details and hardware had to be laid out in a very specific way.

After we engineered our design, we sent it to the company that built the curtain wall for review. It’s a good thing we did because they informed us that they are the only company that could work on the wall without voiding the warranty of the system. So, we commissioned their team to help install the sign.

Another collaboration example happened inside, where we created stenciling to cover a large wall area. We do that by first applying vinyl paint masks, then applying paint, and then pulling the masks down to reveal the stenciling. However, when we pulled down our paint masks, a substantial amount of the paint came off! We found out that the pre-existing plastic-resin substrate hadn’t been primed properly. Fortunately, it all worked out in the end, because the general contractor’s painting team was able to come in and touch up the wall.

Collaboration is Sometimes the Only Way

Sometimes, your ability to collaborate determines the success or failure of your project. In this case, teamwork across multiple teams was ultimately the only way to make it happen. Although this affected the scope and budget of the project slightly, we were able to make it happen without a delay—and the result is durable, beautiful signage that will look great and last for many years to come.

The best way to avoid devastating “surprises”—like accidentally voiding the warranty on your curtain wall!—is to work with an experienced signage supplier. Contact us to put your project in good hands.

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