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The 7 Key Elements of Digital Signage and How They Have Evolved with the Industry

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Depending on who you ask (factor in how long they have been around), digital signage as we know it came on the scene just after the turn of the century. For some of us, that seems like last week… but I digress. It began as an advertising medium, and this focus is easily demonstrated by the first iteration of the digital signage trade show, the Digital Retail Expo. A new vision of advertising opportunities was coincident with the development of flat panel displays and compact video projection. From the beginning, it just made sense to change out the time-honored static


Since its inception in the early 21st century, digital signage has evolved from an advertising medium into so much more. Crossing over the boundaries of retail, food service, education, entertainment, and more, it’s become an effective, pervasive multi-purpose methodology.

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