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5 Tips for Using Signage to Attract Customers

What’s the best way to stand out as a restaurant? Brick-and-mortar branding, both interior and exterior. To attract hungry customers with exterior signage, start with the right branding. Modern? Classic? Use signage style to give patrons an idea of what to expect inside. While doing this, make your restaurant "findable" with easy-to-see exterior signage, ideally something that lights up at night. Then, indoors, continue to immerse customers in great branding. Custom interior signs and wall graphics are an easy and relatively inexpensive way to stand out and make sure your restaurant doesn’t feel like “just another pizza place” or “just another deli.” Finally, you can even go one more extra mile by bringing your brand off-premises (e.g. setting up at street fairs with an eye-catching banner!).

Cakes and PVC: What do they have in common?

People often ask about the difference between vinyl types. Here’s a shortcut: it’s like baking. The three types of PVC (monomeric, polymeric, and cast ) have similar ingredients—the difference is in the manufacturing process. Cast PVC is the highest-quality type, and it’s the kind we generally use. It is poured into a casting tray, similar to a cake tin. Monomeric and polymeric PVC types are less expensive because the PVC is “calendered,” or flattened, similar to a pizza crust. Chemicals are then added to keep the PVC from shrinking. By and large, monomeric and polymeric PVC products last between three and seven years. Cast vinyl, however, lasts closer to a decade. That’s why we prefer it for any long-term installation.

‘Being and Neonness’: Neon as a Symbol of the 20th Century

When French engineer Georges Claude premiered neon lights at the Paris Motor Show in 1910, they instantly became a symbol of excitement and modernity. Claude’s lights trapped and electrified neon gas inside glass tubes, producing an orange-red glow that lasted about 1,000 hours. After that, “neon lighting” became a catchall term referring to glass tubing containing any gas or chemical that glows when electrified. Today, genuine neon signs are still made by hand—there’s no way to mass-manufacture them—but a similar aesthetic can also be produced using LEDs.

4 Great Wallcovering Trends: Graphics, Geometrics, Grasscloth & Glitz

When you hear “wallpaper,” you probably don’t picture glowing electronic circuit boards printed on paper or catwalk fashion prints adapted for interior walls. But this is the new world of wallcovering, as experienced installers are finding novel ways to make walls into a design asset. Using LED lights and Swarovski crystals, some are crafting dazzling, twinkling displays for settings such as hotel foyers—innovative decor that looks high-tech while remaining budget-friendly. Others have developed stunning new patterns for classic textured grasscloth that border on high art. As a result, demand is now soaring for this affordable design fixture that can make a lasting impression like never before.

Understanding Ink: Sign printing options, 2019 innovations and when to use what

Expected to grow at 9.1% every year through 2023, the digital ink industry has been a hotbed of innovation for more than two decades. This has expanded opportunities for signmakers, who are now able to print tougher and more visually appealing signs than ever before. Explore the impressive variety of inkjet ink options and learn which one to use when in this knowledge-rich guide.

Where Do We Go Now? Exploring The Wonders Of Wayfinding Design

Wayfinding design is often taken for granted. Yet, by creating innovative signage, today’s brands can do more than help visitors navigate environments.

Why Outdoor Signage Is as Important as Your Website

For local businesses, outdoor signage does double duty: it serves as advertising and branding. The location, size, and design of the sign are critical to getting the best benefit from it, especially if most of the traffic passing the business is by car and truck. Digital signs are becoming more popular with business owners because of their key benefits. They’re also simple and quick to change so your message can be tailored to special events, promotions and other notable information.

Top 3 Different Signage to Promote Your Business

Different types of signage can have different effects depending on the materials used. Signage can be eye-catching and even multi-functional because of the incorporation of elements such as metal, pylon, or even light in their display. Using different materials can further emphasize the importance of signage in a business’s marketing strategy.

5 Types of Environmental Graphic Design and How It Impacts an Experience

Environmental graphic design includes many different elements, and focuses on the graphic elements included in a space. This type of design can be used to educate, to enlighten individuals regarding a brand, or to entertain. What is important is the way design elements are used, so as to create the optimal experience for individuals.

The Rise of Indoor LED

Businesses from Hong Kong to Australia and beyond have embraced indoor LED technology. From its seamless look to its high performance in daylight, LED is changing minds among those who might have been resisting it as a fad or short-term trend. Among the most common reasons for pursuing LED screens are improved customer attraction and longevity of the equipment. Today’s LED solutions support retailers’ ads, video content, and more.

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