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Wayfinding Signs Key Part of National Cemetery Expansion Project

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Metro Sign and Awning is immensely proud and honored that we were selected to partner with general contractor Spanish Springs Construction to provide all the wayfinding signs at the completely refurbished Bourne National Cemetery on Cape Cod. Bourne National Cemetery is one of only 122 official interment sites for our nation’s brave veterans.

For most people visiting a national cemetery – understandably coping with a powerful mixture of pride, grief and distress – it can be difficult to keep your wits about you. That’s why the wayfinding signs must be extremely clear, concise, unmistakable, and – when they’re subject to the harsh weather that is so typical in New England – durable.

Accordingly, we pulled out all the stops for this project in terms of design, placement, visibility, clarity, and durability.

How the Project Proceeded

As the project advanced from one phase to the next, individual sectors of the site were upgraded and made ready to accept the new signage. Metro teams then brought in the requisite signs, fabricated by our skilled and experienced master technicians, and performed all the associated installation work. The project was completed in spring 2013, on time and on budget.

In service to our nation and our veterans, we made a special point of living up to our pace-setting standards, delivering these signs right on time, and right on budget. We’re beyond proud of their effectiveness in guiding veterans’ loved ones to their destinations.

And because we fabricated these guide-posts from long-lived materials, we know our wayfinding signs at Bourne National Cemetery will continue to do their job for years to come. If you ever have occasion to visit, we’d love to hear your reaction. Meanwhile, see our gallery of photos of the completed site.

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