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Winter Storm Sign Damage?


This time of year can be rough on exterior signage. If you’re concerned about a loose panel, electrical connections, or suspect that any component of your exterior signage has been damaged by ice, snow, wind, or other things that happen in January and February, get in touch with us here or call us at 978.319.6561. We’ll inspect your sign and and estimate repair costs for you, and do our best to recommend replacements and materials that may weather future storms a little bit better.


Insurance, Estimates, and Repairs

We often work with surveying companies, property owners and managers, and insurance companies to help our customers replace damaged signs. While it’s not always possible to speed up the process, we understand how important your signs are to your business, and we react as quickly as possible to keep repairs moving along and get your sign(s) back to work for you.


Whether you’d like to schedule an inspection or you need a quote to get repairs underway, don’t delay. Contact Metro Sign‘s experienced professionals to make sure your business is seen at its best!

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