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Awnings, Enclosures, and Operational Advantages

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Awning enclosures are a great addition to any business or restaurant. Not only do awnings provide an aesthetically pleasing upgrade the outside of your storefront, they can also save your business  money when it comes to businesses maintenance expenses and heating and cooling costs.  Besides the advertising boost an awning or enclosure provides, investing in an awning, canopy or other type of enclosure often means gaining several operational advantages that can help you grow your business. Below we highlight some of the operational advantages of awnings, canopies and enclosures.

How Awnings Enhance Safety

Whatever the weather, having an awning installed outside your business can improve safety and comfort for both your customers and employees. Awnings and enclosures provide a barrier  from rain and snow, which can  reduce the likelihood of slips and falls. Because awnings help keep snow, slush and dirt to a minimum at your business entrance, less is tracked inside – reducing the need for cleaning and for “wet floor” warnings to visitors.

Awnings as a Revenue Source

In numerous projects in and around Boston, awnings and enclosures offer an economical way to add outdoor seating to restaurants and entertainment spots. Even though New England’s weather isn’t conducive to year-round outdoor seating areas, having the option to serve guests outside when the weather cooperates instantly expands your revenue base. It’s surprising how adding even a handful of small tables can improve your business’s  visibility and “curb appeal!”

Awnings & Enclosures Help Control Energy Costs

By protecting your storefront from getting hit by direct sunlight and overheating, awnings can help your business save money on energy costs. They allow enough natural light into your business while helping to regulate the temperature inside. Awnings and enclosures have an impressive return on investment in large part because of how they impact heating and cooling costs. Awnings can also help protect your outdoor furniture from fading and deteriorating due to harsh UV rays.

Awnings Provide Facade Facelift & Advertising Boost

Installing an awning on the facade of your business can provide a much needed facelift and an additional vehicle for advertising. Awnings can boost your business’ curb appeal by incorporating your brand’s color palette and logo to distinguish yourself from other storefronts. Awnings can help customers who are looking for your business find you more easily, and draw attention to passersby who may be unfamiliar with your business. Also, in many cases where city ordinances limit the size of exterior signage, an awning can double as a larger visual reminder to customers about your location and your offerings.

Awnings as Customer Service Enhancement

High-quality awnings and enclosures can enhance your customers’ comfort and experience and provide you with new ways to serve your customers. They can expand your service or seating area and create a protected outdoor space for customers to eat or enjoy live music. Awnings and enclosures cater to those customers who enjoy spending time outdoors, as well as provide a protected entrance way into your business. A protected entrance way can keep things like signs and chalkboards, as well as waiting customers, out of the harsh weather. Awnings and enclosures also block cold winds in the winter and radiating heat in the summer – making the entry into your business much more comfortable and inviting.

Choosing the Right Awning for Your Business

When choosing an awning or enclosure for your business, it’s important to take into consideration things like size, design, and quality – and of course, that your planned design meets your local zoning board’s approval. Awnings are an investment that should last many years, so you want to make sure you’re selecting the right design and high-quality materials. Metro Sign & Awning  has the design experience to help you create the right awning or enclosure for your location, and we partner with hiqh-quality materials manufacturers, like Sunbrella, Satler, and Ferrari, to ensure our clients get the best return on their investments.

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