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Benefits of Interior Signage for Your Business

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Interior signage plays a key role in providing functional and branded designs to your building. Whether they are there to provide navigation, safety or just to show your brand’s personality, they are an important element for your business. Signs that are mandatory can be compliant, while also showcasing your branding design elements. It is best practice for interior signage to be consistent with the rest of the built environment. At Metro Sign & Awning, we know how to develop the right interior signage with the highest quality materials that will perform well and last long all while respecting your time frame and budget.


Almost 86% of consumers believe that signs convey the personality or character of a business. Generally, the more your visitors understand your business, the more likely they will be a loyal customer. Consistency among signs is one of the most important aspects if you wish to express a coherent personality of your business. Your exterior signage has done its job, drawing your customers in, so don’t let your interior signs ruin that positive first impression. Now it is the turn of your interior business signs to help solidify your company’s brand, and more importantly, your brand message.


Helping people navigate your interior space is both an educational and branding opportunity. It is also surprisingly complex: you have to understand the overall design and flow of the building including where people are likely to enter and exit, and what destinations they will commonly aim for. Restrooms, exits, stairs and elevators are key elements in any wayfinding signage plan. Even more important are the major and minor “decision points”, where people will make choices about where to go next. Download our free publication Secrets of Wayfinding Success to learn more.

ADA Compliance

To improve safety and accessibility for customers and building visitors, the Federal law places many requirements on wayfinding signage. Many of our customers are pleasantly surprised to learn how ADA compliant signage can also support their brand. We have worked closely with the ADA Compliance Board and we have a very detailed understanding of the complex ADA regulations. This knowledge, matched with our design creativity, will help you stay compliant and consistent with your branding.
In-House Advertisements and Information

Your exterior signs are outside to bring potential customers inside – but what keeps them there? Interior signage that clearly communicates current offers or sales promotions will often help a customer convert. Additionally, other types of interior signs can help your business to convey product or other important information that can influence your customer’s purchasing decisions. Interior signs are your business’s way of getting your branding messages to your audience, which offers the opportunity to turn a new customer into a returning one.

Improving Atmosphere

Think of the inside of your business as your brand’s environment. Having a lot of blank, cold walls surrounding your customers and visitors at times is simply not welcoming. Interior signage, along with graphics and murals, can help to liven up your space, showcase your brand and make your customers comfortable.

Why Leaving Important Interior Sign Details to Metro Sign & Awning’s Experts is the Right Choice for Your Business

We at Metro Sign & Awning understand how the best interior signage works in different types of buildings. We know what materials and adhesives will work best with all environments, to ensure the highest quality and durability of the sign. Along with our expertise with ADA regulations, we understand design and your target audience. With our network of talented sign specialists, we can meet all your job’s requirements, easing your burden and delivering top quality results within your budget and time frame.

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