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Classic New England Signage

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We can’t really take credit for this one. Browsing the web the other day we came across a blog that celebrates New England through signage you’re unlikely to see anywhere else. It resonated with our hearts as well as minds, so we decided to link to some of the photos it displays.


For example, we New Englanders have a unique way of stating things:


Thickly SettledThickly Settled


And we love our heritage, enough so that we’re unlikely to update a sign just because it is showing its age, like this one.


Slow SchoolSlow School


Other areas of the globe have winter, but few of them are inhabited by people so comfortable with the annual changes in weather conditions that they reflect them in their ways of living and doing business – as we New Englanders so often do.


Closed for the SeasonClosed for the Season


A prime example: our seasons are divergent enough that we accept seasonal foods, seasonal sports, even seasonal shops. Closed for the season. Reason? Freezin!



We’re probably the oldest home of “The Commons” in these United States, and that’s one reason our appreciation for shared open space is so intense it’s reflected in our signage:


No HorsesNo Horses


Did I mention winter? We have it here, and a full season of low temperatures impacts just about every aspect of our lives, including our roads. Here’s one way we post warnings about them:


Frost HeavesFrost Heaves


When you encounter any signs that evoke some basic element of New England living, please snap a photo and send it to us here. We’d love to see them, and to share them with our readers.

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