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Convert Your Existing Signs to LED Technology – Part 1

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Time marches on, and with it, technology. There was a time when neon and fluorescent lighting for signage was “high tech” and just about the best we could do.

But those times are now gone.

Today, we’ve discovered LED illumination, and it’s advantages are literally stupendous. They include:

  • Major savings on operating costs and maintenance.
  • Less pollution, land-fill, and greenhouse gas emissions – so they’re better for the environment.
  • A more modern appearance for any signage – even outdated ones.
  • Better visibility at night, in fog or rain – just about any weather conditions.
  • Far less prone to breakdowns, damage, wear and tear, or unforeseen failures, so they’re more reliable.
  • Last far longer, so your signage investment stretches over many more years.
Once the height of signage technology, neon and fluorescent lighting now looks tired and old – even when it’s working perfectly.

So there are many reasons to make the fast, easy, and inexpensive switch to illuminating your existing signage with today’s more energy-efficient technology: LEDs.

“Retrofitting” with modern LEDs is now a proven strategy for updating your existing business signage. It’s an extremely fast and cost-effective way to replace those faltering, troublesome, high-maintenance, failure-prone neon or fluorescent tubes with bright, reliable, eye-catching, money-saving, environmentally friendly, almost maintenance-free, long lasting LEDs.

Watch this space: next time, we’ll detail how quick and inexpensive the conversion process for existing signage actually is.

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