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Enhancing Branding and Wayfinding at Fitchburg State University

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We’ve enjoyed working with Fitchburg State University (FSU) for several years, and we sincerely appreciate the ongoing relationship we have with university officials and staff. From a clean, easy-to-read design to ensuring the perfect color match for that famous Fitchburg green to producing signs and finishes that are as durable as can be for the many outdoor wayfinding signs, virtually every member of our team has played a part in improving campus signage.

Multi-tasking Wayfinding Signage

Like all signage projects, wayfinding is advertising – but more than that, it must satisfy many different criteria. In addition to being visually appealing and brand-enhancing, wayfinding signage in particular must be functional –  for someone unfamiliar with the area, clear directional signage can make the difference between being on time or late for an exam, interview or appointment.

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For people familiar with a school or corporate campus, industrial parkway, or other common-use area, wayfinding signage should not only enhance a brand, it should also help to encourage appropriate behavior by reminding users of rules and regulations (regarding parking, noise, smoking, eating, etc.) in a positive way.

Ongoing Branding Efforts on Campus, Inside and Out

Recently, we returned to campus to install some additional outdoor wayfinding signage as well as some interior wayfinding, or directional signage. (What’s in a name? If the signs’ purpose is to direct visitors to the right place, it’s considered wayfinding signage – and it can also referred to as directional signage, inside or out.)

Again, whether it’s inside buildings or outside, signage throughout a large campus organization should support and enhance brand identity. When designing interior wayfinding or directional signage, creating a brand-appropriate style guide that is also compliant with ADA signage regulations adds to the complexity of a project.

And as with any signage project, design necessarily comes before installation considerations. Almost as soon as design is underway for new or updated wayfinding signage, scheduling the installation must be precisely planned. Naturally, at FSU, the new signage installed last summer had to be ready to welcome and direct incoming and returning students as well as their parents. More recent installations to update signage on campus walkways and inside buildings also needed to be carefully planned to minimize disruption for students, faculty and staff. These most recently installed signs were not entirely new.


Refurbished Signs are Brand-Enhancing and Budget-Wise

To refurbish the signs pictured here, we created new C-shaped faces, fastening them on the sides to give the signs a fresh look that was perfectly in keeping with the new signage installed on FSU’s campus last summer. The architectural solution was economical, as well. Sometimes it’s a challenge to provide the right signage, right on time, but it’s what makes the job interesting! The reward for meeting those challenges is that we get to enjoy ongoing relationships with great clients like Fitchburg State University.

Even modest wayfinding signage projects can become complex. Creating design concepts that are truly attractive, that support and enhance brand identity, are compliant with ADA signage regulations, and most importantly – accurately direct visitors inside and out! – can be a challenge. We’ve got the experience to deliver the right signs at the right time for your wayfinding project.

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