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Fresh Campus Signs Welcome Students Back to School

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Campus “Freshened Up” with New Wayfinding and Identification Signs

Color matching is important, and trickier than it sounds. (Ask any parent of a fashion-conscious student who has recently been back-to-school shopping.) At Metro Sign and Awning, our back-to-school preparations were not about fashion, but about helping students find their way around campus. A shade off here or there may not matter to some, but when it comes to the consistency for an established brand it is critical.

As at most universities in New England (and everywhere else!), the facilities, operations, and grounds crews at Fitchburg State University have been busy all summer. As a result the FSU facilities department has needed a number of new signs around campus for new and returning students. The color, of course, isFitchburg State Green!


Matching Paint Colors – When It’s Not Easy Being (Exactly the Right) Green

The color signature used by Fitchburg State University is a vibrant green – achieved with a customized Matthews Paint formula. When it was time to install a new monument sign and revitalize some of the campus wayfinding signage, the university contacted us.

While matching another manufacturer’s color isn’t easy, we know how important it is to our customers – color conveys brand, and so much more.

Fortunately Metro Sign & Awning’s painter, Peter Nolan, has a keen eye and a vast database of color options. Utilizing the Azko Nobel paint system, we let Fitchburg State know that our production team has the equipment and experience to produce all of the signs, exactly as ordered. The finish result is a top quality automotive finish with exceptional durability to extend the life of our signs.

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Fitchburg State University works all summer long to make sure campus is ready to welcome students returning to campus in early September. As Metro Sign & Awning is part of the Massachusetts Higher Education Consortium, the university’s facilities manager contacted us to help them color match, fabricate and install new campus signage.

When is your busy season or big event? Is your signage helping you make the most of it? Contact us so you can be sure to make the right impression.

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