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Grateful to the People of Boston


Here at Metro Sign, as at all Boston-area businesses, it’s hardly business as usual this week.

Monday morning’s patriotic displays started the day in a proud and upbeat way. The office staff was a little light as many of our co-workers, clients, vendors, and partners had taken the day off to see the Sox and cheer on the runners.

The shock and horror of the afternoon sent us all in different directions, reaching out for the assurance of a loved one’s voice.

Like you – like everyone in Boston – we’ve started to pick up the pieces. We’re still in disbelief, we’re deeply saddened, but we’re not sitting still. It’s time to get back in the race, and there’s no place else we’d rather run it than right here in Boston. It has been inspiring to see the response of the people of Boston in the face of this tragedy.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected by this cowardly act.

We are grateful for the efforts of the first responders who surely prevented additional lives from being lost.

Please consider donating anything you can to OneFund in support of the victims.

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