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Improving Logan Airport Customer Service

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Improving Logan Airport Customer Service

One key to keep airport travelers informed and moving efficiently is to provide them with real time information. That’s part of what’s happening now at Boston Logan International Airport, where new airport wayfinding, maps, and other signage will be displayed on digital signs ¬†in Terminal B and Terminal C arrival areas, as well as in the airport’s new Rental Car Center. The system will be supported by 27 curbside “countdown” signs that detail when ground transportation will next arrive.

Digital signage has been or soon will be installed in the new Terminal B connector, as well as in Terminal E on the arrivals and departure level, baggage claim areas, and elsewhere.

Some of the digital signage will incorporate interactive “touchscreen” technology.

Over the past decade, the airport has committed more than $4.5 billion to this and other modernization efforts.

Suffolk Northeast was awarded the Terminal E Renovation and Enhancements project at Logan, which includes approximately 110,000 square feet of new construction and 150,000 square feet of renovation.

If you’re wondering why we’re telling you all this, it’s because we’re involved with Massport, as well, supervising a union installation of parking garage and traffic/terminal signage. All this new signage will be fabricated in our main facility, here in Tewksbury, including some special graphics work by our vinyl department.

While we’re adept at handling large jobs for customers like Massport, we’re equally comfortable doing smaller jobs for local businesses and geographically dispersed jobs for chains and franchise operations. Whatever your signage needs or wants, we’re available here to offer advice and cost-effective services.

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