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Interesting Developments in Signage

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OK. We admit it: we love signs and signage. It’s fascinating. We can’t get enough. And we love to learn more about technology, industry developments, and basically anything that has anything to do with signs.

That’s why we’re fascinated by the following stories (and we hope you are too):

“Judge Rules … Signage Rules … Unconstitutional”

It’s far away, but Saugutuck, MI, is the location where a county judge recently decided that restrictions on signage are unconstitutional!

Basically, a couple of homeowners posted signs declaring their opinions on a very large number of matters (see accompanying photo). Neighbors objected, and the case found its way to court. The result? Now there’s a new precedent that gives property owners virtually unlimited rights to display whatever they want, including the size, shape, color, and content of signage.

All we can say is “Hoorah”.

If this case makes it to the Supreme Court and gets upheld, all those pesky rules, zoning restrictions, and other limits on how we can help our customers get their messages out to the public will go right out the window! We can’t wait.


“Sports Boosts Signage Engagement”

Well, duh! People like sports. Put sports information and images on your electronic message center (or any other sign, in all likelihood), and people will pay more attention to it. You know that. We know that. Maybe other people will learn it, too.

According to a post by Frank Kenna, CEO and President of a morale-boosting company, it pays to echo what’s going on the sports world on your own digital signage. He suggests adding a countdown clock to some event you’re promoting, a schedule of your sponsored team’s upcoming games, even a play-by-play report on some live event. You can also echo major league RSS feeds and post the current scores of games your prospects and customers care about.

Kenna is thinking in terms of internal messaging, but the same ideas will work for external messaging, as well. Of course, when directing signage to the public, don’t forget to mention your own company’s name, a nice slogan or sales pitch, and an easy way people can contact or find you.


“Putting Up Signage Just Got Easier”

The Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA) has opened an electronic portal that lets developers and others working on new construction projects file their documents electronically, instead of on paper.

The new web-based system makes it easier and faster to get approvals for all kinds of signage – signs we’ve put up in the past, and signage we’ll be putting up in the future. This new online system is said by the BRA to be: “another example of our concerted effort to improve accessibility and the flow of information.”

Here’s the really good news: Instead of requiring as many as 60 copies of certain filings related to proposed developments, now the BRA will be happy to receive just one.

We’re already exploring the ins and outs of this new system, and will be ready to make use of it when you give us the go ahead on your next signage project.

Have you seen or heard something interesting about signage? Please share it with us, because we love to learn. Send it to us here

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