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Just for Fun: Funny Signs #2


Steeped as we are in the sign business, we make a serious effort to do our jobs as perfectly as we can. But we also get a laugh now and then from signs that “fail,” as well as those that are intentionally funny. Last year, we posted a few funny signs that tickled our funny bones. Here are a few more signs that also bring a chuckle:

Let’s begin with something I try to teach everyone on our team: Rule # 1 is to read the sign before you install it!


It’s a simple rule that pays lots of benefits:

I also like when signs make sense. When they don’t, it’s often funny. Like this one:

Or this one:

Message boards ought to give the correct message, don’t you think?

Or at least some message:

Signs are such an inherently visual medium that sometimes the words are superfluous:

And sometimes a goofy sign can convey a message that’s at least partly profound, like this one:

Or this one:


What funny signs have you seen lately? Snap some photos and send them to us, please, so we can share your “funny sign finds” with others who enjoy the odd bit of Visual Display Humor.


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