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More Names for Name That Blog Contest

Fun, Signage Tips
More Names for Name That Blog Contest

Last week, we launched our Name that Blog Contest, and the suggestions are rolling in via email and on our Facebook and LinkedIn pages. Thanks to all who have put on their thinking caps and sent in some great names! We’re still accepting ideas through end of day tomorrow, so please keep ’em coming. Meanwhile, don’t worry, our usual helpful content will return soon. Until then, here are the entries we have so far:

From Susan, on LinkedIn: Blogging Our Signs Out

From Diane, on Facebook: Sign Me Up

From Mike, via email: Metro’s Northern Lights

“Signing On”

“Sign Effects”

“Sign Language”

“And the sign says…”

“I saw the sign…”

“I need a sign…”

“Show me a sign…”

Fabricated Thoughts

Sign Conscious

Declaration of Fabrication

… and we’d love to hear from you!

Remember, we’re accepting ideas until end of day on February 13, so keep the ideas coming, either by submitting your suggestions using the Comments field below this post, or via our Contact Us page, on our LinkedIn page, our Facebook page, or our Google+ page ASAP!

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