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Overcoming Signage Restrictions with Creativity and Style

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Glass House in Cambridge was working with a visibility issue with respect to its new Kendall Square location. Since the business is set back from the main road, it is not easily seen by prospective diners. The restaurant’s owner and design firm (Hacin + Associates) had some great ideas for encouraging traffic, and they weren’t about to put mediocre signage on the menu. Shortly after calling Metro Sign & Awning, our creative designers and fabricators were able to turn those great sign ideas into reality. The result: compliant signage that’s attractive, highly effective, and – as a bonus – is also mobile. 


When Signage Restrictions Are Tough, the Tough Get Creative

After investigating several options for internal illumination, it was clear the solar powered signage wouldn’t be bright enough to attract attention day and night. Metro Sign & Awning’s team instead selected a rechargeable battery to ensure the sign stays bright during a long shift, and that is also easy for the restaurant staff to recharge.

Mobile Signage Goes Out and Gets Customers

The unique and attractive Glass House arrow on Kendall Square isn’t a permanent sign. It’s a mobile sign solution that can go out and bring in customers. The sign’s mobility also gives it “legs” and makes for some excellent social media shares and other promotional opportunities.

Visit Glass House at Kendall Square to see the great signage for yourself!


Inside, Multi-Color Graphics That Reach Out and Grab Customers


Interior Signage That Makes You Look – and Laugh

Overcoming signage restrictions outside was the first hurdle. Bringing the brand to life inside was the next challenge. Glass House and Hacin + Associates again bought brilliant ideas to the table, and our Metro design team was eager to dig in and served up some delightful interior graphic signage.

Creative signage is fun and functional. Got an idea, need help bringing it to life? Maybe you know you need signage, but great ideas are eluding you. Our designers and sign fabricators are always coming up with innovative solutions, bringing creative ideas to life, and sometimes, doing the impossible.

Get the inside scoop on vinyl graphics and find out what they can do for your business – contact Metro Sign & Awning today.

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