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Have you discovered the Metro Sign and Awning Industry News page yet?

Each week we gather information of interest to those in the sign industry, as well as business people who care about signage. Here are a few recent highlights:

“Ghost” Signs Remind Us of Our Heritage

Signage is not only an active, vibrant industry. It’s the basis of an historical record that can remind us of where we’ve been as a city, and as a society.

Faded signs from bygone eras – so-called “ghost” signs – provide a trail of metaphorical breadcrumbs that can lead us back through the decades to the beginnings of cultural phenomena that now seem fixed in stone.

Ghost SignageGhost Signage

These fading signs are more than just folk art. Each one captures a specific moment in time which we can review, on which we can reflect, and from which we can gain a new perspective on our lives in the present day.

Ghost SignageGhost Signage

They’re also a baseline against which to judge how incredibly far we’ve come in the business and science of signage.


Tips on Buying Signage

A recent article in Entrepreneur Magazine offers small business owners some simple tips on purchasing more effective signage. The tips should help make every signage client:

  • Think about the distance from your new sign to its typical viewer. We suggest you consider how the sign will appear, and work hard to make sure the colors, lettering, and other signage elements will be distinct enough to convey an unambiguous message.
  • Think about wear and tear from weather, particularly sun and wind. We know from our own experience that the right materials will keep your signage looking good far longer than the wrong choices, no matter how appealing they may be.
  • Think about understanding the relevant regulations, including zoning and – where applicable – the Americans with Disabilities Act. We know from having jumped through countless regulatory hoops that unless you’re expert in these matters, it’s incredibly helpful to choose a signage vendor that is.
  • Think about longevity. We know from our satisfied customers’ feedback that your investment in new signage will be more advantageous and cost-effective if your sign is flexible enough to allow for new and different messages from time to time.
  • Think about schedules. We suggest that you start talking to qualified vendors well in advance of when you’re going to need your new signage installed. The best vendors not only tend to be busy, but – if they’re like us – they want and need extra time to help you design the signage that’s going to work best for your needs.


McDonald’s TV Ad Features Moments in Signage

A new TV advertisement produced for McDonald’s by the worldwide advertising agency Leo Burnett features the fast food company’s signage at special moments, such as after devastation by a major storm, or when used to help commemorate events of national or even local significance. Here’s one image from the ad:



Although some people have criticized the TV ad for its jarring tone and reminders of human tragedies some viewers would rather not remember, others have praised the visual sequence for its authentic message of a caring spirit and perseverance against advertisity.

The ad can be seen here:

We’d love to hear your thoughts on any of these stories, or on any other stories you think we ought to highlight. You can contact us at 978-228-3772.

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